Memoirs – for posterity.


We’d put it off, but with time on my hands, I have finally done it. I’ve produced a booklet from my grandad’s (Papa’s) jottings.

From 50-odd A4 pages of handwritten jottings and a few cuttings and mementos, I have scanned, tidied up, reset and composed a 56 page A5 booklet. I’ve printed a dozen copies for posterity to share with the family.

If you’ve got older people in your family, ask them to write down a few memories – you’ll be surprised what might come out. It’s not until a few years after Papa’s passing that these stories have been recalled to younger family members and now they’ve been tidily preserved for future generations.

If I can help you publish something you have squirreled away – give me a shout!


IDCardsmallHerbert Frank Short

1915 Plymouth “I was born in an upstairs flat at No.114 Alexandra Road…”

1929 Laira Green Boys School “I became interested in printing & book binding, we produced the school magazine… I became in charge of the darkroom and the photography club…”

1934 Plymouth “I started as a bus conductor… the fares were 1d Derry’s Clock to Drakes Circus, 1p DC to St Judes Church… I bought an Austin car…”

1939 Bodmin “I passed and was accepted as a probationer into the police force.”

1953 Horfield Prison “…Pierpoint, the Sheriff, the Governor, the Prison Dr., and a head warden attended. I waited outside. Gifford was executed… I returned home.”

1959 St Ives “an orphaned lad came & thanked me for intervening with the magistrate, which resulted in just a caution. A year had passed, now going straight, he wished me all the best at Penzance”

1985 Penzance “formed a concert party group and gave concerts around the area… it was a great success, and we had much enjoyment…”

More from the Richard’s family: Bodmin Moor 100 years on…


Some recent doodlings…

They come in waves… “can you do one of your of your eye-catching posters, I need them next week!”

In my 30 year’s of producing artwork for print, it’s more often than not “needed next week!”, if not tomorrow!

However, I’ve just produced these posters and flyers for various folks who, to give them their due, didn’t give me quite as tight a deadline.


ManinaliftLRAlas creative colour theory, post-modern typography, artistic imagery, playful context, advanced semiotics, unorthodox layout etc is often prohibited when working for many utilitarian clients.  Despite advice and ambition often clients “know what they want” and heaven forbid if you veer from their desires. Of course the fine folks above just wanted a quick poster and that’s what’s been done.

What you’re trying to do with any visual medium is to generate an emotional response, a connection, a fascination, an engagement, an association, an excitement and hopefully a response.  All this can be achieved to various degrees with graphics, images, text, typefaces, colour and considered content.

It may seem easy – yes, making a cake is easy, but creating something that can be served to a host of guests and strangers; that will leave the desired lasting memory, that will generate a desired response, a decisive acknowledgement, and reciprocation… this is a tad trickier.


If I can help you out, just give me a shout.


Swim School…

SwimSchoolFlyersand-BCs678Another quick ident completed recently for a new small local swim school – you can see other print favours here.

Two local lasses have recently identified a need for parent & baby swim lessons and beginner sessions.

And so I put together a logo identity for flyers, stationery and ads etc

It’s been adopted and is now on t-shirt, and bags etc.

We featured a ‘Ten benefits of getting wet!” on their blog:

Logo, Busi Cards, Press Adv, Flyer and literature…


Ten Benefits of getting wet

  1. EmmasSwinSchooTShirtSwimming builds confidence and self-awareness.
  2. Learning to swim can save your life.
  3. Swimming is one of the few sports you can easily do at any age.
  4. Swimming lessons are a great way of meeting new people.
  5. Swimming is the best allround exercise. It involves all the body’s muscles.
  6. Having water confidence means loads of other water activities are possible.
  7. Once you can swim, you can swim. Set for life. But keep it up.
  8. Swimming lessons help children to set achievable targets.
  9. More than 60 children drown during the summer every year in the UK, yet the majority of these deaths are likely to have been preventable. No one is ever drown-proof. However, being able to swim 400 yards continuously lowers the chance of drowning.
  10. Learning to swim is a basic ability, like walking, it should be part of growing up.

Do you need print?


Youth Cafe Material

A small project that I’ve been involved with is Syston Methodist Church’s Youth Cafe.

I have devised an initial “Syston Youth Cafe” logo and visual identity. I’ve designed and produced some simple fundraising leaflets and complied a basic web presence.




Some of my other voluntary work can be seen here: print


Bowls anyone?

MIBC-DLAfter some posters that I had created were recognised as “far more effective than their usual ones”, a friend of a friend asked if I might revamp some leaflets for Melton Indoors Bowls Club.

I had space in my calendar, so was happy to help.

I found that quality off-the-shelf graphic material relating to “indoor bowls” was lacking and so I took a trip along to the club and shot some new photography for the new promotional material.

The new leaflets have just arrived hot-off-the-press:


old leaflet
The Original Leaflet

It’s a simple job but after a bit of thought and appropriate graphic work hopefully the new leaflets are more engaging and appealing to a new target audience. Have you every tried bowls? Give it a go!

The standard press add that they the club were using also needed a revamp and so, following the style of the new leaflet, I put a new press ad together. This image can also easily be shared on social media like facebook and twitter etc.


If you and your organisation might need similar and if I have time and space – I might be able to help if and when I can! 🙂

Some of my other voluntary work can bee seen here: print



Me, groan! What have 40 years done?

This is me at 3 and a half years and 43 and a half  years of age… groan!  What have 40 years done?

At 3 the family lived in Hayle in Cornwall and shortly moved to Fowey where we lived for about 5 years.

At 18 I left education and after a few ‘first jobs’ eventually started apprenticeship in a design and print studio in St Ives.

At 24 I left Kernow and studied a degree in the Creative Arts in Cheshire.

At 43 I live in Leicestershire and have done for about 15 years.