Posters, Flyers – there’s life outside the web.

Posters, Flyers – there is life outside of the web. And the key thing is that ‘life’, can point people towards your shiny new web bling and that thing you just gotta share!

Making people aware of ‘your thing’ is what you need to do.Word of mouth is a great way of getting into people’s heads. Social media is the new digital WOM. Facebook, Twitter and the like offer free channels to promote ‘your stuff’. It’s relatively low-cost but, needs to be done, kept up and worked – the conversation needs to be kept alive.Printed flyers are still a great way of reaching people outside of the limited ‘social media’ culture. But flyers and posters need to be used wisely. Printed flyers can be distributed door to door, shared as magazine inserts, handed out in the street, or shared through friend networks.

The flyer’s big unique feature over social media is its tangible nature and potential longevity. Your customers will physically hold the flyer, you are in their hand, in their kitchen, on their table. Of course, ‘design’ also is key to the impact you can make. The flyer is the signpost to you, your event, your product. It might include incentives, interactive elements, competitions, coupons or vouchers … of course a ‘FREE’ whatever is a great way of encouraging a response.

Waffle. waffle … I think you can see that a good flyer can be worth the relatively low production costs. And it’s simply worthwhile for the invest in good design of the content and the visuals.

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