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Spring back

Last spring (2020) I took a lot of photos of nature in our garden and on walks. So we thought we’d celebrate this spring by sending a quick printed* message to some friends – A celebration of spring and all that this time of year freely gives us. #print*

Forget-me-nots from out garden being tended by the gardeners’ friend Mrs L. Bird.

Alongside the sickness that the media have relayed recently, I’m reminded of John Steinbeck’s words ‘a sad soul can kill you quicker, far quicker, than a germ’.  Thankfully positive energy is contagious also!

Infused with metaphor, folk tales, and traditions our springtime is full of energy. Whether it’s Creme Eggs, cake, and daffs on the window sill, or seasonal TV drama, religious reflection, and recollections of a horrific old rugged cross, it’s a season full of spirit; new things, awakenings, warmth, light and yes revitalisation.

Hopefully our springtime allows us to reconnect. We can feel the warmth of the light coming through the kitchen window, and see verdant velvet buds shooting from the grey-brown dormancy of a passing winter.  You can really feel it. There’s an energy, some might say spirit, that brightens the shadows and eases the strains. A new realisation of our humanity, our breath, our connection.

There ARE flowers everywhere, for those that want to see them. Happy springtime.

In 1947 Henri Matisse published ‘Jazz’, which included the words ‘… Il y a des fleurs partout pour qui veut bien les voir.’  This has been popularly translated as ‘Happy are those who sing with all their heart, in the forthrightness of their heart. Find joy in the sky, in the trees, in the flowers. There are always flowers for those who want to see them.’ A more literal translation ‘…there are flowers everywhere…’.

*If I can help you realise an effective creative print project, just send me a message. #print #julesprichards


Sustainable Sailing – Teeshirt design

Helping out some friends this week who are embarking on the venture of a lifetime.

Their long term aim is to Sustainably Sail the seas, as far as “…somewhere/anywhere”.

When I saw Dave’s plan for a teeshirt I had to offer my assistance.

We quickly moved from concepts to realitee, and the plan is to have teeshirts and other items available in due course.

You can keep up to date with their journey here: Sustainable Sailing

Playing with images, icons, and symbology, tweaking bits and bobs, kerning type and rounding tittles it’s what I enjoy doing.

You can see more of what I do here: ‘…print


“Escape” branding

A little project undertaken for the summer was the design of a logo and branding for Charnwood Guides’ ‘Escape Pods’ activities. ‘Escape Pods’ is a project that sees young people puzzling there way through various items and encounters, and featured as an activity at this Summer’s Charnwood 2019 International Scout and Guide Camp.


Designed to feature in many formats from stitched badges and t-shirts to giant flags, the logo and its elements featured throughout the escape room material that the young people puzzled their way through.


I am informed it was a great success and a lot of fun was had by all!



Bowls anyone?

MIBC-DLAfter some posters that I had created were recognised as “far more effective than their usual ones”, a friend of a friend asked if I might revamp some leaflets for Melton Indoors Bowls Club.

I had space in my calendar, so was happy to help.

I found that quality off-the-shelf graphic material relating to “indoor bowls” was lacking and so I took a trip along to the club and shot some new photography for the new promotional material.

The new leaflets have just arrived hot-off-the-press:


old leaflet
The Original Leaflet

It’s a simple job but after a bit of thought and appropriate graphic work hopefully the new leaflets are more engaging and appealing to a new target audience. Have you every tried bowls? Give it a go!

The standard press add that they the club were using also needed a revamp and so, following the style of the new leaflet, I put a new press ad together. This image can also easily be shared on social media like facebook and twitter etc.


If you and your organisation might need similar and if I have time and space – I might be able to help if and when I can! 🙂

Some of my other voluntary work can bee seen here: print



Me, groan! What have 40 years done?

This is me at 3 and a half years and 43 and a half  years of age… groan!  What have 40 years done?

At 3 the family lived in Hayle in Cornwall and shortly moved to Fowey where we lived for about 5 years.

At 18 I left education and after a few ‘first jobs’ eventually started apprenticeship in a design and print studio in St Ives.

At 24 I left Kernow and studied a degree in the Creative Arts in Cheshire.

At 43 I live in Leicestershire and have done for about 15 years.