Memoirs – for posterity.


We’d put it off, but with time on my hands, I have finally done it. I’ve produced a booklet from my grandad’s (Papa’s) jottings.

From 50-odd A4 pages of handwritten jottings and a few cuttings and mementos, I have scanned, tidied up, reset and composed a 56 page A5 booklet. I’ve printed a dozen copies for posterity to share with the family.

If you’ve got older people in your family, ask them to write down a few memories – you’ll be surprised what might come out. It’s not until a few years after Papa’s passing that these stories have been recalled to younger family members and now they’ve been tidily preserved for future generations.

If I can help you publish something you have squirreled away – give me a shout!


IDCardsmallHerbert Frank Short

1915 Plymouth “I was born in an upstairs flat at No.114 Alexandra Road…”

1929 Laira Green Boys School “I became interested in printing & book binding, we produced the school magazine… I became in charge of the darkroom and the photography club…”

1934 Plymouth “I started as a bus conductor… the fares were 1d Derry’s Clock to Drakes Circus, 1p DC to St Judes Church… I bought an Austin car…”

1939 Bodmin “I passed and was accepted as a probationer into the police force.”

1953 Horfield Prison “…Pierpoint, the Sheriff, the Governor, the Prison Dr., and a head warden attended. I waited outside. Gifford was executed… I returned home.”

1959 St Ives “an orphaned lad came & thanked me for intervening with the magistrate, which resulted in just a caution. A year had passed, now going straight, he wished me all the best at Penzance”

1985 Penzance “formed a concert party group and gave concerts around the area… it was a great success, and we had much enjoyment…”

More from the Richard’s family: Bodmin Moor 100 years on…


This is what i do…

I am a creative person. That’s not to say I’m specifically skilled or a fine craftsman, it’s just that my mind likes to be creative and expressive.
We can all be creative, we can all be expressive.
Being creative, I like to ‘scamper’; substitute, combine, adapt, multiply, place, eliminate, rearrange, etc.
I like to swim in stories and narratives holding on to the occasional fact to keep me afloat.
We can use creativity, to resonate a novel or appropriate difference… and hopefully reframe the familiar.

We might create images, products, sounds, movements or actions that might enhance our world, your product, a service or indeed an individual’s outlook.


As we all do, I hope I see things…


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Lick ‘n’ stick

JPRSpectrum1It’s nowt to do with dogs, and it’s not anything kinky…

I recently had cause to relay my apprenticeship as a studio artworker in Kernow, c. late ’80s. Lick-n-stick was the phrase that described what we did. Using hot wax we complied type and graphics on art-boards,  juggling scalpels, type-gauges and temperamental typesetters, we spec’ed trannys and played with PMT – all sounds a tad weird and yes some folks were a tad in-with-the-planners*, probably due to the occasionally dalliance with photo-mount, too long in the dark room, or the stress of pleasing the typesetter or making do with insufficient Letraset…  ah…  Popple Exquisite, it’s all coming back to me! *Planners ah how we loved them – who has the courage to ask KT and his Sunshine Band of planners to compile a dozen vignettes and multiple graduated tints? Dare we ask hime for a 85% tint? “Bloody 80 or 90 will bloody well do ya boy!”. Ah what fun. The apprehension and nerves as we ventured into the lair of the Creative Director expecting our labour of love to be discarded with a mumbled comment about the “Seven Sacred Principles of Design”. It was good times. Brian, Tim, Paul… Valerie – Spectrum Design and Print – St. Ives.

A lot’s happened since then – I emigrated from Kernow to England and discovered creative jouissance, post-modernism and ‘The Lodge’ in Alsager, Manchester Met. Uni’s country playground. After my degree I had fun for a while in Crewe, moved to Leicester, where more fun was had. Now in the ‘burbs in Leicestershire all that went before is just memories. Memories: mere trinkets compared to the current joys with a great wife and great kids, but precious trinkets none the less.