I AM.  Images breed Assumptions and in turn create Motives. 


You are ‘seen’ by the people you serve, the people you provide for or supply to. You are seen and your images are inescapably important.

Despite what we may think we know and subscribe to, ‘the surface’ is often all there is.  The surface is ripe for images, assumptions and motives.  We can be here today and gone tomorrow. Unless we strengthen it, reinforce it, empower it, make it engaging, memorable, true and honest, ‘the surface’ is often all there is.

Even God said “I am who I am” to Moses (Exodus 3:14)

A picture is worth 1000 words… it’s an old chestnut of a phrase, but it’s very true!

An image can be worth 1000 words, for good or ill!

That’s why, ideally, your visual imagery should be carefully considered.

Ideally, we’ll regularly reimagine images, reconsider assumptions and review our motives.

Enough waffle!

I am a creative, I create images. 

Creativity is most prevalent when one looks outside of the familiar routine. Yes, “drive” is what gets things done, but a mindful drive might be more fruitful. “Every good tree bears good fruit” through a process of simple interaction, fecundity and growth. Less haste and less speed
Perhaps Solomon said it first
“diligence leads to riches as surely as haste leads to poverty”.

JPR300It has been said that “Jules is indeed a talented and motivated individual”.

It would seem that I enjoy, and I’m good at ‘adding sizzle to the sausage’…

I am a creative and I can help you mix it up a bit!

If you think i might help you, feel free to drop me a line
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This is what i do…

I am a creative person. That’s not to say I’m specifically skilled or a fine craftsman, it’s just that my mind likes to be creative and expressive.
We can all be creative, we can all be expressive.
Being creative, I like to ‘scamper’; substitute, combine, adapt, multiply, place, eliminate, rearrange, etc.
I like to swim in stories and narratives holding on to the occasional fact to keep me afloat.
We can use creativity, to resonate a novel or appropriate difference… and hopefully reframe the familiar.

We might create images, products, sounds, movements or actions that might enhance our world, your product, a service or indeed an individual’s outlook.


As we all do, I hope I see things…


What i do…   Images    Printwork