Swim School…

SwimSchoolFlyersand-BCs678Another quick ident completed recently for a new small local swim school – you can see other print favours here.

Two local lasses have recently identified a need for parent & baby swim lessons and beginner sessions.

And so I put together a logo identity for flyers, stationery and ads etc

It’s been adopted and is now on t-shirt, and bags etc.

We featured a ‘Ten benefits of getting wet!” on their blog:

Logo, Busi Cards, Press Adv, Flyer and literature…


Ten Benefits of getting wet

  1. EmmasSwinSchooTShirtSwimming builds confidence and self-awareness.
  2. Learning to swim can save your life.
  3. Swimming is one of the few sports you can easily do at any age.
  4. Swimming lessons are a great way of meeting new people.
  5. Swimming is the best allround exercise. It involves all the body’s muscles.
  6. Having water confidence means loads of other water activities are possible.
  7. Once you can swim, you can swim. Set for life. But keep it up.
  8. Swimming lessons help children to set achievable targets.
  9. More than 60 children drown during the summer every year in the UK, yet the majority of these deaths are likely to have been preventable. No one is ever drown-proof. However, being able to swim 400 yards continuously lowers the chance of drowning.
  10. Learning to swim is a basic ability, like walking, it should be part of growing up.

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