Some recent doodlings…

They come in waves… “can you do one of your of your eye-catching posters, I need them next week!”

In my 30 year’s of producing artwork for print, it’s more often than not “needed next week!”, if not tomorrow!

However, I’ve just produced these posters and flyers for various folks who, to give them their due, didn’t give me quite as tight a deadline.


ManinaliftLRAlas creative colour theory, post-modern typography, artistic imagery, playful context, advanced semiotics, unorthodox layout etc is often prohibited when working for many utilitarian clients.  Despite advice and ambition often clients “know what they want” and heaven forbid if you veer from their desires. Of course the fine folks above just wanted a quick poster and that’s what’s been done.

What you’re trying to do with any visual medium is to generate an emotional response, a connection, a fascination, an engagement, an association, an excitement and hopefully a response.  All this can be achieved to various degrees with graphics, images, text, typefaces, colour and considered content.

It may seem easy – yes, making a cake is easy, but creating something that can be served to a host of guests and strangers; that will leave the desired lasting memory, that will generate a desired response, a decisive acknowledgement, and reciprocation… this is a tad trickier.


If I can help you out, just give me a shout.

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