I have been cycling to & fro’ work now week-dailysince March, 7 miles each way.
My cycling log

At rough tally, I guess I’ve saved 14 miles of fuel a daythat’s ~£1.35×2 for a 7mpl car. That’s ~£54 a month. Hummm…  I have bought a bike & various bits & pieces,which really needs a year of cycling to offset. But the above is still a nicemonthly fuel saving, and extra exercise costs (time & money) not are required.

Health benefits: perhaps immeasurable – Last year I toyed with swimming twice a week at lunch times but although initially enjoyable after 6-7 months the novelty wore off (you don’t get a nice view and you can’t listen to podcasts while swimming). Generally I encountered as little exercise as possible. Now that I cycle, I see good aerobic activity twice a day. The daily endorphin hits are invaluable. The dailyexperience is arguably also more constructive than a similar trip in a car/bus and cerebrally, thoughts and feelings get a more intense workout. The experience is arguably exhilarating and elevating,depending on your psychological position/attitude in the road-spacesocial-class struggle – this does need to be kept in check.
Today we had a beautiful fresh morning for the journey in – I’ve started to take aslightly easier pace (today helped by ‘Hothouse Flowers’ in the headset)… and when it’s dry I’m wearing less clothing, this helps with the ‘afterglow’ when I reach my destination. Less sweat! Thanks Dave.
However, the commute home last night… drenchchchchched!  Greatriding in the rain rain rain really is invigorating, but I ended up a drowned rat. Water/windproof top kept mytorso dry but my head, shoes, socks and longcycle-trousers absolutely sodden. Fun fun!


Don’t tell ma Cornish Cousins…

Carrot and mushrooms?! I’ll be struck off!!To be honest we usually put Mushrooms in but our oggies but this time we also were short of turnip (or swede to you english) and so carrot it had to be! (carrot with a tad cardamom cumin & honey). Yup, I might as well be Devonian, the relies will not speak t’me for years! It’s bad enough that I live in England!Anyway…
Beef skirt, Teddies, Onions, Carrot!? (would ideally be Turnip), Mushrooms…
Pastry… you choose, should be short crust but them in Redruth do it different to them in Camborne…
Stick it in with a liberal mix of salt and pepper. Egg the seam.
Crimp the ‘ugger! 
Ready for the range!
Happy days! …tomorrow!

Don’t listen to the words, listen to the…

Hummm… nowt sp’cific to say… however…

We’ve started back with Global Harmony this week, which will be my 4th year with them – time flies.
What I enjoy about GH is the ‘expressive’ experience – ‘meaning’ comes later. This idea sort of harmonises with my recent encounters with ‘awareness‘ etc. Drop the baggage and dance dude!

I enjoy much of the eclectic offerings from BBC Radio 3’s ‘Late Junction’, I enjoy the ‘hopelandic’ non-language of Sigur Róss, and find some of Bugge Wesseltoft’s musical language enchanting(?)…
I guess it’s the sound/s, rhythms and unorthodox mixes and ideas/feelings that they evoke… yes, it’s hard to drop cultural accretions but music or “new sounds” can be a start to ‘something new’.

The ‘world sounds’ that GH choir ‘play with’ are a breath of fresh-air in the polluted saturated world of signification that we encounter daily… the harmonies, resonances and layering that the MD introduces really do have something even though no meaning us readily clear to us. I find this is possibly more often encountered in rehearsals than in scheduled performance – pressure related i guess. Often the sounds are hypnotic and the parts really dance with each other.

I’ve always been interested in the idea of ‘free play’ as the creative tool and perhaps the choir, although structured, touches on this. We definitely experience ‘free’dom and also ‘play’(dom).

Bring it on?


Where’s the fire!?

There was a man who invented the art of making fire. Hetook his tools and went to a tribe in the north, where it was verycold,  bitterly cold. He taught the people there to make fire. The people were  very interested. Heshowed them the uses to which they could put fire:  they could cook, couldkeep themselves warm, etc. They were so grateful  that they had learnedthe art of making fire. But before they could  express their gratitude tothe man, he disappeared. He wasn’t concerned  with getting theirrecognition or gratitude; he was concerned about  their well-being. Hewent to another tribe, where he again began to  show them the value of hisinvention. People were interested there too,  a bit too interested for thepeace of mind of their priests, who began  to notice that this man wasdrawing crowds and they were losing their popularity. So they decided to doaway with him. They poisoned him,  crucified him, put it any way you like.But they were afraid now that  the people might turn against them, so theywere very wise, even wily.  Do you know what they did? They had a portraitof the man made and  mounted it on the main altar of the temple. Theinstruments for making  fire were placed in front of the portrait, and thepeople were taught  to revere the portrait and to pay reverence to theinstruments of fire,  which they dutifully did for centuries. Theveneration and the worship  went on, but there was no fire.

Where’s the fire? Where’s the love? Where’s the freedom?This is what  spirituality is all about. Tragically, we tend to lose sightof this,  don’t we? This is what Jesus Christ is all about. But weoveremphasized  the “Lord, Lord,” didn’t we? Where’s the fire? And ifworship isn’t  leading to the fire, if adoration isn’t leading to love, ifthe liturgy  isn’t leading to a clearer perception of reality, if Godisn’t leading  to life, of what use is religion except to create moredivision, more  fanaticism, more antagonism? It is not from lack ofreligion in the  ordinary sense of the word that the world is suffering,it is from lack  of love, lack of awareness. And love is generated throughawareness  and through no other way, no other way. Understand theobstructions you  are putting in the way of love, freedom, and happinessand they will  drop. Turn on the light of awareness and the darkness willdisappear.

Anthony de Mello

(Somehow I lost this post – it crashed the blog!)

Keith said: I love this! It speaks to the mimetic theory of ReneGirard too. Girard believes that social chaos leads to the scapegoating of anindividual – usually an outsider and that because ridding the society of theoutsider has such a profound peace-making effect the scapegoat is instantlyturned from guilty party into a god to be worshipped.


How to paint a sea turtle

Fun fun fun…! Some old friends of mine!

Going going… ?

I’ve become so accustomed to this beautiful part of my ride home, in fact I’ve loved it since I first took the journey 10+ years ago, the seasonal change here is always visually striking!…  but a ruddy great sign proclaims that it is to be *@”£&*  @£$%^&*!!! ££££
Hummm… Persimmon Homes.


My shins hurt!

Last week the same ride saw emotional, logical and even spiritual resonance on many levels…

This week a poetic beauty and essencial truths seemed to be replaced by sufficient chemical analysis…

Same weather, same route (perhaps that’s why)… dunno why but that’s what happened.

New art – essential chemistry… etherial love – raw life… adventurous dreams – omniscient reality…

Twyford drop.

Happy Daze.



When I “sit and watch the birds” or “cycle through the countryside”, am I entering an irrelevant hyper-reality?
I have often been curious of the idea of “enchantment” and “joy”. Does this run ‘above’ or ‘underneath’ our hour-to-hour “real” lives.
How might the hyper-real affect the idea that “the visa needs paying”, “the plumbing needs fixing”, “I love my wife”, “I’m thankful for this food”, “I have been drop-kicked…” etc

If a depression is an out-of-focus reality; a space of low pressure, a space where ideas are unfocused, where things fall apart, where structure collapses…
disillusion,  disappointment, dismay, gloom, misery, melancholy, misery, pain, sadness, sorrow, trouble, unhappiness, woe

Could a high be an over-focused reality; where it all makes sense, an enchantment, a fascination, an enthralling captivation… “joy”: a beatitude, bliss, cheer, contentment, delight, ecstasy, elation, euphoria, exhilaration, exuberance, enchantment, good spirits, high spirits, hilarity, hopefulness, jubilation, optimism, pleasure, vivacity…

The happy focused conducted view and the lost expansive wild(?) view…   hummm….


Endomondo Cycling Workout

Endomondo Cycling Workout: was out cycling 23.50 miles in 1h:44m:49s using Endomondo.

’twas a great ride. Leicestershire is relatively flat buy it’s great reaching the top of an “incline”, u get a great view of things, fields of grain, combines going full steam, cricket on the greens, wild fowl and rabbits… a rich experience. All accompanied by a great shuffle on the ipod

Hallelujah – beautiful