Chocolate Brownie with mmallow topping

Tonight’s therapy… a magnificent creation! 22 left… and going…

100g marg

50+g choc
175g dark soft brown sugar
2 or 3 eggs beaten
cap of vanilla essence
100g sr flour
good shake of cinnamon powder
good shake of ginger powder
pinch salt
50g chopped nuts
good hand full of juicy raisins
topping of mini marsh mallows

1. melt marg and choc over hot water, remove from heat and cool
2. stir in sugar, add eggs mixed with vanilla ess.
3. Mix in Flour, salt, nuts, spices, and raisins
4. stick it in oiled tin, lined with baking or gp paper.
5. Top with mini marsh mallows, and bake for 25-30mins 190deg.
6. leave in tim until cold before removing and cutting to squares.

Try not to eat too many at a time!


The only thing better than…

‘The only thing better than singing is more singing,” said Ella Fitzgerald.

I’ve chopped it off…!

Well I’ve gone and done it, I’ve chopped it off.
After 6 months of fecundity and bloomin’ marvellous protuberances she’s started to drop.
We had 8 blooms on one stem and 9 on another. But over the last few weeks we’ve lost the lot.
Procrastinate not… the decision has been made – I’ve trimmed it down to the third node on each stem to see if there’s any more juice in the old stick.
And yup, signs of autumn are in the air, I said it! Alas all good things come to pass and life turns corners and perspectives change. Thanks heavens.
So if you need to prune something do it, enjoy the fullness and move on.
And empty page can be so full of possibilities…
Quorsum haec, cui bono.
Cut it out, drop it, chop it off…  as the actress said to the proverbial bish bash bosh!

Pile on! Just made me smile… then grimace… then think… 



Living in bubbles, only sharing stuff with those we encounter and reach out to. Our horizons though wide, are often limited and distant. We fail to see much beyond what’s familiar. We might have a wealth of experience and knowledge but still we fail to ‘know’ a vast majority of others in our world. Often right under our nose there are worlds that we don’t share. Often they are behind us, sometimes beside us, often ahead of us, and regularly below and above us. If only our bubbles might burst and we could live together on a shared plain… but then, what might we construct… ?


Endomondo Cycling Workout

Endomondo Cycling Workout: “…a typical weekend jaunt. If you enjoy ‘getting out’ try Endomondo!”



Busy weekend ahead so some thoughts over lunch… just for the sake of it…
Yesterday got drenched cycling on way home, surprisingly very enjoyable but also very wet.
Reading “Wreckers” by Bella Bathurst, for those of u that know me, there’s seafarer in my previous lives somewhere.
BB also wrote “The Bicycle Book” which is a great read if you’re interested in the subcultures of cycling!
Watched “127 hours” last nite, a great true story of attempting to survive against nature and our brains response to ‘stuff’. Great filmic devices!
Have to mention again… radio 3’s “late junction” programme, eclectic from allover and inbeteeen! Check it out in iPlayer! Stick with it, if a track comes on that’s a bit weired for u the next is likely to be polemically different. Love it.
Finally, shuffle! Do it! Sometimes what comes up juxtaposed with it’s neighbours, married with what you see (cycling) is just sweet. To the old man with the owl-like eyes and the plastic bags of importance as he waited for his bus and life passing him by, and the dude beside him, hooded and tuned in to a private podworld of sound, chewing his angst and ready to punch his next criticism… have a good day.


It may be cold…

It may be cold but, ‘get in there’! It has to be done…
A week after our islandic ‘week off’ (plus a few days enhanced by paracetamol based products etc) and perhaps we’re back to as near to normality as one might expect.
Back cycling to work etc, and mulling over whirling thoughts generated by recent reading… ‘circular perspectives’ as opposed to linear… interesting and somewhat enlightening.
Saturday produced one quiche, 25 sausage rolls, an assortment of cheese & onion straws, and a lemon drizzle cake… nice!
Sunday saw the oldest offspring cycling without stabilisers – v chuffed just taken to it!
(i) Trying to maintain a sense of the salty sea that warmed the cockles last week.
(ii) Trying to maintain a sense of N&P that warmed the cockles for 40 odd years.
(iii) Trying to maintain a sense of peace that is just underneath that noisy old world out there. The sun is always shining, it’s just occasionally clouds and ‘stuff’ are in the way. It’s shining now!
Today’s ride saw busy harvesting in the fields, a hare having the time of it’s life, gold and a greenfinches but I like to think the latter was a Siskin! – flew with me for 20 seconds through rural Leics. And a pint at the end, courtesy of the father-in-law. Cheers.
Thought – “Why let the facts get in the way of a good story”! (Who said that first?)


a horizion…

Saturday early morn, time to chill, utterly peaceful bay, Ellen MacArthur’s words juggling in mind, John Lennon on the tunes…
Just playing… 5 rough unaligned pics, and only 3 automatic actions from PShopCS5, genius software!

With a crop and a touch…


Away with the ferrys…

A week away, over the sea. No digital activity, just sea-air, birds, boats, cloud-scapes and seemingly endless horizons. The kids had a ball, adventures around every corner, great to see inquisitive confidence brewing in both. A v busy week! My core attachment to the sea has been fed again for the time being. With daily views of stretching seascapes, I’ve read Ellen MacArthur’s ‘full circle’.. now there’s a feisty lass! Plenty of food for thought.
I have to keep this short, as I’m dosed with beechams and daynurse, sweating out an explosion that’s pounding in my head. Some call it a cold, some flu, I call it #########!
To top it all, my maternal nana passed away this week after a full 92 years, I will always remember her laughing; to me, she embodied ‘happiness’. I trust she will always be laughing in spirit. Here’s to Hilda Maud Short ne Tattum, and Herbert Frank Short, I wish i knew them better, but rest knowing that they actually realised more than we know, I guess it works that way.
Here’s to the another horizon.
(a short post from my Android fone, not really up for words at present)