When I “sit and watch the birds” or “cycle through the countryside”, am I entering an irrelevant hyper-reality?
I have often been curious of the idea of “enchantment” and “joy”. Does this run ‘above’ or ‘underneath’ our hour-to-hour “real” lives.
How might the hyper-real affect the idea that “the visa needs paying”, “the plumbing needs fixing”, “I love my wife”, “I’m thankful for this food”, “I have been drop-kicked…” etc

If a depression is an out-of-focus reality; a space of low pressure, a space where ideas are unfocused, where things fall apart, where structure collapses…
disillusion,  disappointment, dismay, gloom, misery, melancholy, misery, pain, sadness, sorrow, trouble, unhappiness, woe

Could a high be an over-focused reality; where it all makes sense, an enchantment, a fascination, an enthralling captivation… “joy”: a beatitude, bliss, cheer, contentment, delight, ecstasy, elation, euphoria, exhilaration, exuberance, enchantment, good spirits, high spirits, hilarity, hopefulness, jubilation, optimism, pleasure, vivacity…

The happy focused conducted view and the lost expansive wild(?) view…   hummm….


Endomondo Cycling Workout

Endomondo Cycling Workout: was out cycling 23.50 miles in 1h:44m:49s using Endomondo.

’twas a great ride. Leicestershire is relatively flat buy it’s great reaching the top of an “incline”, u get a great view of things, fields of grain, combines going full steam, cricket on the greens, wild fowl and rabbits… a rich experience. All accompanied by a great shuffle on the ipod

Hallelujah – beautiful


To be or not to be…

If one is to be, then one needs to act, this needs direction – acting and even unscripted improvisation is triggered by direction…
Guide me oh thou great director…
Hummm… why would I be guided?
Growth, fruit, decay and death are part of the seasonal drama that sees old make way for new…
We recently hosted 10 caterpillars and watched the stages as they grew, formed crysalis and grew into 10 butterflies… 8 flew off to fates unknown, 2 malformed were unable to fly; undirected they died.


…MORE bubbles!

Further to my post: Blog Post Fri 12th August Bubbles   …
…if only our bubbles might burst…  but then, what might we construct… ?

More bubbles?

I love some of my bubbles. And you might yours too!
Perhaps it’s good to absorb yourself, emerse yourself, and really drink your fill before you share your cup with a neighbour.
Don’t be distracted by the bitter wind, but embrace the shelter and the soaring eagle, the intricate creation, the unfathomable distance. Enjoy the sillyness and fragility of a laugh, don;t let the bugg*** get you down.  
Blow more bubbles!
Who knows where you may glide.


Endomondo Cycling Workout

Endomondo Cycling Workout: was out cycling 21.56 miles in 1h:53m:37s using Endomondo.


The fleeting glimpse…

Think about those moments that you don’t get time to capture, hang on to the resonance, the after image, the shiver, the glow… grab that, and embrace what you might have missed… life being lived, growth, warmth, laughter, release… and let the strife strive like a bitter wind on its way to nowhere, they will shrivel in their own kingdoms… turn the other cheek and think of the moments you don’t get time to capture and savor them…


Chocolate Brownie with mmallow topping

Tonight’s therapy… a magnificent creation! 22 left… and going…

100g marg

50+g choc
175g dark soft brown sugar
2 or 3 eggs beaten
cap of vanilla essence
100g sr flour
good shake of cinnamon powder
good shake of ginger powder
pinch salt
50g chopped nuts
good hand full of juicy raisins
topping of mini marsh mallows

1. melt marg and choc over hot water, remove from heat and cool
2. stir in sugar, add eggs mixed with vanilla ess.
3. Mix in Flour, salt, nuts, spices, and raisins
4. stick it in oiled tin, lined with baking or gp paper.
5. Top with mini marsh mallows, and bake for 25-30mins 190deg.
6. leave in tim until cold before removing and cutting to squares.

Try not to eat too many at a time!


The only thing better than…

‘The only thing better than singing is more singing,” said Ella Fitzgerald.

I’ve chopped it off…!

Well I’ve gone and done it, I’ve chopped it off.
After 6 months of fecundity and bloomin’ marvellous protuberances she’s started to drop.
We had 8 blooms on one stem and 9 on another. But over the last few weeks we’ve lost the lot.
Procrastinate not… the decision has been made – I’ve trimmed it down to the third node on each stem to see if there’s any more juice in the old stick.
And yup, signs of autumn are in the air, I said it! Alas all good things come to pass and life turns corners and perspectives change. Thanks heavens.
So if you need to prune something do it, enjoy the fullness and move on.
And empty page can be so full of possibilities…
Quorsum haec, cui bono.
Cut it out, drop it, chop it off…  as the actress said to the proverbial bish bash bosh!