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best cycle tyre for daily commuting use?

OK cycling fans… Nominations for the best tyre for daily commuting use?
I’m used to and very pleased with the stock Specialized Borough Xc Sport Tyre 700×45 that came with the bike. And to be honest they’ve been good but will need changing soon.
The tyres are for a hybrid styled specialised crosstrail sport disc 2011

So types for daily commuting use: ?
SUBURBAN ROADS; as commuters are aware too often suburban roads are fraught with off-road style obstacles, grit, debris, thorns and potholes.GOOD GRIP:

for the wet, oil and grit.
DURABLE: as used twice daily.
SPEED: good reasonable speed, not too much drag.
PUNCTURE RESISTANCE: The SBXc above only had one puncture in 14mths. But, do I have the tube to thank for that? The tyres are peppered with cuts after a year of suburban roads.

I’m told a wider tyre (a larger contact area) offers more comfort, are less prone to punctures(?), and will provide more grip. I do like the ‘idea’ of the semi slick(?) smooth in the centre with knobbed on the sides.

Nominations for the best tyre for daily commuting use?
What have you got?
What do you recommend?

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11 replies on “best cycle tyre for daily commuting use?”

Dave Warnock says One of the Marathon range from Schwalbe as I hate punctures.

Jules Richards thinks ummm! Ta. but which to choose such choice… I guess this looks the part:

Jules Richards Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour Wired Road Tyre
Schwalbe Marathon Plus Smartguard City Tyre
??? argh! The choice?

Dave Warnock says The plus is the most puncture proof but relatively slow. I have found the classic good on my road bike. I use the plus tour on the cargo bike but think probably overkill for commuting.

John Kirk says I’m a big fan of Gatorskins.
Buyer’s Guide to Commuter Tyres
When selecting tyres for commuting they need to be grippy, reliable, and fairly quick.

Jules says; Ta, looked many places but crazily forgot bike radar.
Crazily they think… “the perfect commuting tyre doesn’t exist”…?


My Schwalbe Durano 28mm tyres just completed Lands End to John O’Groats in 11 days with zero punctures. That included some terrible roads and a fair bit of off road stuff as well.

I only had to pump them up once and that was because I let them down first to take the wheels off when I had worn out front and rear brake pads in the first 6 days.

Excellent tyres!

Thanks Dave, do you think 32s will fit my wheels? I have 45s on now.
Also would I need new inner tubes?
Degreaser and lubed today and looked at current tyres – loads of nicks and cuts.
Hope legs et al are recovering fom your gr8 adventure.

Sorry Jules missed your reply.

Yes they will fit. Probably same inner tube will be for 32 to 45 anyway.

Don’t forget to recalibrate your bike computer (unless you are using your phone), or you will think you are riding a lot faster 🙂

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