Ice Road Fail – Cyclists’ Failed?

Thurmaston Pedestrian/Cycle way  (1 kilometer)

One week after the predicted heavy snow.

Three days after reporting it to the County Council, and notifying the concerned Parish Council.

We daily pass Cemetery Road with great care.

Not a grain of grit on the pedestrian cycle way.

Perhaps we should walk in the road!?  …and more snow forecast tonight…,-1.09525&sspn=0.020425,0.047421&geocode=FXbnIwMdwk7v_w%3BFdjIIwMdbELv_w&oq=Wayside+Drive+Thurmaston&gl=uk&mra=dme&mrsp=1&sz=15&t=m&z=15


Well done, Leicester City Council…

Well done Leicester City Council: Close [thanks!]… but no cigar!

On 17 April 2012, I reported to Leicester City Council [via] a seriously dangerous pothole, a serious danger to commuting cyclists.

By the 15 May the hole had been neatly filled with tarmac.

Well done Leicester City Council!


Also on 17 April 2012 I reported some eroded road surface around manhole cover LE4 9LG. Another nearby manhole was tidied-up [thanks LCC], but the worst culprit within 50 yards was left untouched.
I reported this again on the 23rd May, eroding road around a manhole which is causing danger to cyclists. It’s getting worse by the week, now [21st June] a hole 2 inch deep is a seriously dangerous hazard to cyclists.

Also 17 April 2012 I reported to Leicester City Council a serious multiple pothole situation.
There were half a dozen potholes and crumbling road surface. It was [and still is] a hazard to cyclists. It’s likely to either bring a bike down or cause a swerve into traffic. On the 15th May, these dangerous holes and broken road surface had not been fixed and is still a hazard to cyclists.
On the 23rd May I again reported to Leicester City Council, this Eroding Road surface on junction. This eroded road surface is just getting worse. It’s a danger to cyclists. To avoid this you need to swerve into overtaking traffic.

As of 21st June 2012, both of the above situations continue to get worse. I will approach them again.

30th July 2012: Cyclists take care, 3 months it’s still there:

30th August 2012: yeah! Eh? Think it’s being fixed.