Post-leak, wet friends…

Those following the tweets, will have seen that our 125l tank started dripping. Argh! a leak, half way up back corner.
So we carefully emptied the tank, and fish one by one, into plastic toy box, and sealed the [supposed] culprit. We refilled the tank after 24 hrs and guess what, still leaking. *#Plec**!
So we emptied the tank again and sealed a bigger area [the full corner section]… we left it 48 hours and carefully put the wigglers back…

No leaks.

So here’s a stock check for the record:

We lost 2 Guppies and alas we lost the Peacock Goby (Gudgeon) which is a shame as it was quite unique.
We do still have:
6 Leopard Danios
1 Blue Dace
1 Red Tailed Black Shark
2 Long Finned Congo Tetra
1 Head Tail Light Tetra
1 USO Tetra (unidentified swimming object)
1 Schultz’s Cory Doras
1 Bristlenose Pleco Ancistrus
1 Fire Eel
1 Cameroon Armoured (African Filter) Shrimp
2 Apple Snails  [Pre-leak video]

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