We are what we eat…


For a considerable time I subscribed and imbibed regular podcasts and playlists.
I enjoyed them, but perhaps I was overdosing on ear fodder. There’s listening and there’s gorging…
Around the time that some call lent, I stopped the regular ipod on my commute.
Initially I missed the stimulating drip of tunes and chatter, the warmth of ideas and rhythms.
It was not long, however, before I realised that the bigger canvas existed outside the bubble of my subscription.

I have recently encountered quite a selection of earworms.
I find myself inaudibly humming the kids’ recent discoveries: tie me kangaroo down, everything’s Rosie… I find my new choir pieces involuntarily sneaking upon my neurons… “It’s a new season…” is more welcome than “Dora the Explorer”. Of course the radio is still on the menu and tunes will re-emerge after exposure hours previous. Where did that come from!?… I haven’t even heard any Lionel Ritchie since New Year’s eve 2 years back! And where else can you get ‘every breath you take’ mixed with ‘fire starter’…

As well as earworms, I seem to host neural ghosts from films and books that I’ve read. Scenarios and ideas that just reappear to merge with real life and enhance or clash with my perspective. What’s real anyway? I do try to limit the pop reality xtalent type tv, one can only take so much candyfloss popcorn before it causes stomach cramp, but a little processed saccharin’s ok, I guess. So…. my worldview is collaged with BBC natural history, escapist action novel, Radio 4 academia, filmic devices, cycling advertorial, unresolved plot lines, twitterings, desert island thoughts… etc.

I guess my thought is that we’re exposed to such a choice of infotainment streams that are all to readily available.
There is choice, we can decide on a diet that feeds our world…

We are what we eat

By julesprichards

Anchoring in the shire, with family, friends, coffee and cheese… always looking…