Silk Worms – Bombyx mori, the silkworm of the mulberry tree.

In late May we took delivery of some silkworm eggs. The silkworm eggs like last years caterpillars, came from Insect Lore.
You may recall the Painted Lady butterflies that we nurtured last year.

Well it’s been 8 weeks and a slow process but at last we have ‘Silky’ the silk moth!
Silky – Bombyx mori
Silky – Bombyx mori © Jules Richards
We have watched the pepper like eggs transform into little mini-mini-silkworms.
They grew, almost as we watched, while munching on squished mulberry leaves.
Silk Worms 2 weeks old. ©jules Richards
Silk Worms 2 weeks old. © Jules Richards
They grew over 2 weeks to about an inch and a half and then started spinning their cocoons.  Another 2 weeks and one silkworm moth has emerged! Amazing little thing!
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Silk Worms, a set on Flickr.

Oh and what’s more, having started blogging a year ago, this is post 100 from me!  Ding dong! Happy daze.

Butterflies 2011

Last year (2011) we watched 10 mini caterpillars transform into painted lady butterflies in our kitchen.

It was truly amazing to see the whole life-cycle.

Although I hesitate to recommend stuff ‘cos our experience could have ben a fluke, you can get the kit here:

The link above is a seal for 10 caterpillars rather than the pack on Amazon which is 5 caterpillars.
What we experienced last year really was worth the £20.

This year we have just taken delivery of 25 silkworm eggs. Watch this space for an update in  a few weeks.