Eeeeek! #fugacious…

treesEeeeek! #temporary #brief #limited #momentary #transitory #ephemeral #impermanent #mortal #perishable #shifting #transient #volatile #interim #changeable #evanescent #fleeting #fugacious…

Trees; their forms, colours, textures, details, patterns, etc.

That’s a theme posited by a contemplative photography group that I’m linked with. To be honest, my past projects have been very ‘nature’ related and I am a tad tree-ed out at the mo. But it’s been on my mind. The group’s creations and ruminations may lead to reflections on the period of ‘advent’ that is also imminent.

IMAGES – As I say, my scrapbook is bare. I have not risen to the task… but have mulled it over.  I have not felt moved to ‘capture’ moments on camera. Instead, I have found myself occasionally absorbing and soaking up things that I may have previously tried to capture and be creative with.
So currently there’s a lack of material, but there is a tangible resonance and spirit of the temporary season we are in. Eeeek! Empty, lacking, absent, redirection…

ADVENT – Alongside this we have the season of ‘advent’. In recent years, I have followed a the vibrant ‘advent’ capers led by Brian Draper. Alas, he’s busy this year with other commitments. So no guiding twinkle. Eeeeek! Absence, loss, redirection…

I am left with thoughts of the #temporary #brief #limited #momentary #transitory #ephemeral #impermanent #mortal #perishable #shifting #transient #volatile #interim #changeable #evanescent #fleeting #fugacious…

What are your plans for Advent?
Indeed, do you ‘plan’ advent or does it just happen?


Watermead Sept

The sun’s autumnal energy… Soak it up…

Watermead Sunday Sept 22, a set on Flickr.


Little red boat…

Autumn At Sea

Little Red Boat            July 1994lrb

I went down to Godreavy,
sun, wind, land and sea.

The waves relentlessly toil, rolling,
the kite struggles with the wind,
the gull hovers in authoritative glide,
the lovers walk not hiding their pride.

The bay sits and looms, like the rocks,
the spray of the waves wets the breeze,
the horizon inheres, definitive, there,
the clouds pass on their way to somewhere.

The elderly couple walk with the wind,
the surfers fight it and laugh.
the sound of the breakers, endlessly boast,
the holiday-makers try making the most..,

…of a scene that I love, and is me,
the screaming sea-gulls agree,
the sun’s gleam makes a silvery coat,
there’s a little red boat just barely afloat,

In the bay being bossed by the sea,
a little old boat just barely afloat,
the screaming sea-gulls agree,
a scene that I love and is me.

Sun, wind, land and sea.


The rowan…

The rowan has besprinkled her berries
the robin is now elsewhere
bare, exposed and open
tonic, nurture and growth
an anointed shield might soften over time
skin can be shed
ever so special
whispers of freedom
let it go


Piskies! (Autumnal Equinox)

And so from now on the nights are longer than the days. Thank you farmers, most of the summer crops are in – what would we do without them?
So we ventured off to a local wood and indeed stuff’s shrivelling! Indeed The raggedness belongs!

If you go down to the woods today watch out for the cornish piskies!


Life and Afterlife

Life and Afterlife?

Life Afterlife
Life Afterlife

I have made this letter longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorter. Blaise Pascal


Joy! Warm and satisfying? Cool and fuzzy?

We made time today just to chill – we took ourselves and the kids to Bradgate for a stroll. Just walking in the fresh air was a great tonic against the noise of ‘daily stuff’.
With the kids it can be* easy to make any simple thing into an adventure (*given opportunity – but that’s another story). An unplanned portion of cake and a coffee helped halfway round!
Just sitting watching how the kids are growing into little people with ideas and characters of their own is grounding. Emma asked “can you see the deer?!” and P said “yes, I need a beer!” (not sure where that came from).
The clarity of the autumnal sky is striking. The seasonal adaption of nature; shrinking, slowing, fading – the moderation from the ornamentation of summer can be cleansing.
Back home we had a quick look back at some home-movie of A&P from a few years back and were reminded of the miracle of growth, and the blessings of shared experience.
Perhaps it’s difficult to summarise feelings of joy? It’s seems to be not an objective incident but a fleeting human feeling or thought that can either be embraced or ignored? Let’s just say; if you hear a breath, absorb it; if you see a wisp, grab hold of it; if you receive anything, share it, somehow!
Joy and life will not last – if it’s real, then after blooming, it may well eventually relax and rest back for a new awakening with someone else, at another time, in another place.
The tides of Mount’s bay and a private Camelot will always come and go, at least in my mind they will. It’s miraculous how they can be ‘felt’ over high fields in Charnwood. Count your blessings, name them one by one…

My only concern is that this joy seems a selfish experience, and is often not shared with others. That’s what’s missing… I feel that light, when kept to oneself is not true light but darkness. If it cannot be seen then it will not rejuvenate, it may as well die.
Ooops slipped, this post was intended to be a positive post.
Had a good walk amongst blue sky today! Hope you have too.
Happy days!