Little red boat…

Autumn At Sea

Little Red Boat            July 1994lrb

I went down to Godreavy,
sun, wind, land and sea.

The waves relentlessly toil, rolling,
the kite struggles with the wind,
the gull hovers in authoritative glide,
the lovers walk not hiding their pride.

The bay sits and looms, like the rocks,
the spray of the waves wets the breeze,
the horizon inheres, definitive, there,
the clouds pass on their way to somewhere.

The elderly couple walk with the wind,
the surfers fight it and laugh.
the sound of the breakers, endlessly boast,
the holiday-makers try making the most..,

…of a scene that I love, and is me,
the screaming sea-gulls agree,
the sun’s gleam makes a silvery coat,
there’s a little red boat just barely afloat,

In the bay being bossed by the sea,
a little old boat just barely afloat,
the screaming sea-gulls agree,
a scene that I love and is me.

Sun, wind, land and sea.

By julesprichards

Anchoring in the shire, with family, friends, coffee and cheese… always looking…