Reading is good for you!


heyraedingisgood4you1As part of my work for ‘Bookmark People’ I created a suite of nine a ‘Reading is good for you’ designs each highlighting a specific point.

  • Reduce stress  Get lost in a good novel and take time out of your hectic lifestyle to unwind.
  • Help you sleep  Turn off the TV, get into bed, pick up a book and snuggle down.
  • Keep the brain in shape What better way to work out your brain than reading?
  • Improve knowledge Even a fictional novel can teach and inspire you.
  • Health and well-being  Regular reading is associated with a significant reduction in the risk of dementia.
  • Feeling  Reading boosts empathy. Fiction can simulate real-world problems and therefore has real consequences for the reader.
  • Boosts Vocabulary  What better way to discover new words?
  • Reading is sexy  Reading increases emotional and cognitive experience. It is the ultimate aphrodisiac.
  • Achieve Reading for pleasure helps to improve skills at the same time as increasing enjoyment, self-confidence, motivation and a sense of achievement.

I’ve created a good selection of Bookmarks promoting Health and Well-being.



An apple a day, keeps the doctor away… (a good book can also help!)


A good book can be good for you… and our public libraries know that better than most!


whoknowswherebookmarksfanAs part of my work with ‘Bookmark People’, we’ve seen Public Libraries’ Health and Well-being collections frequently promoted using our promotional bookmarks. You can see a selection of Health campaigns here: Health and Wellbeing Library Bookmark Campaigns

A core objective of all public libraries is to promote health and well-being.

These bookmarks reach into the heart of communities.

Examples of health related sponsorship ranges from advice to young people to campaigns targeting older library users:


A sponsor’s promotion can be complimented with the Health-related campaign.


For more information on how you can support and benefit from library outreach get in touch.