Reading is good for you!


heyraedingisgood4you1As part of my work for ‘Bookmark People’ I created a suite of nine a ‘Reading is good for you’ designs each highlighting a specific point.

  • Reduce stress  Get lost in a good novel and take time out of your hectic lifestyle to unwind.
  • Help you sleep  Turn off the TV, get into bed, pick up a book and snuggle down.
  • Keep the brain in shape What better way to work out your brain than reading?
  • Improve knowledge Even a fictional novel can teach and inspire you.
  • Health and well-being  Regular reading is associated with a significant reduction in the risk of dementia.
  • Feeling  Reading boosts empathy. Fiction can simulate real-world problems and therefore has real consequences for the reader.
  • Boosts Vocabulary  What better way to discover new words?
  • Reading is sexy  Reading increases emotional and cognitive experience. It is the ultimate aphrodisiac.
  • Achieve Reading for pleasure helps to improve skills at the same time as increasing enjoyment, self-confidence, motivation and a sense of achievement.

I’ve created a good selection of Bookmarks promoting Health and Well-being.


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