Multi-faceted-GodTHUMBI recently created a trio of visuals to accompany three poems reflected on at the recent Methodist Conference 2013.

These were also re-produced on handy bookmarks for future reference and reflection.

After the success of these, I was asked by Jo Kay to consider some of her poems and as a result I’ve produced the visual below, tom accompany Jo’s poem Multi-faceted God.


This is Jo’s poem:


Multi-faceted God, whose every myriad of surfaces

Reflect every tone and hue of colour

In the wonder of creation.

All the colours, shades and varieties

of the promised and longed for rainbow.

Whose face recognises mine in all this riot of colour.


Multi-lingual God, whose multiplicity of ears

Recognise every tone and timbre of tongue

Of all the wonderful nations.

All the rhythms, cadences and songs

Of the people of this Earth.

Whose ear hears my voice through the cacophony of sound.


Multi-purpose God, whose existence for me is my purpose;

Reflects for me the longings and desires

Of all created people.

All the needs, hopes and yearnings

Of believers young and old

Who brings purpose to my life in all its richness and diversity.


Multi-sensory God, whose every sense is finely tuned

Mirroring those we have in the world.

A sense of smell and sense of wonder

All the taste and sight and awe

That we share with the Holy Mystery

The God who senses every person, knows their minds, hearts and voices.


Multi-focused God, whose every facet is focused on me and you

Amazing God who looks on everyone

Looks with every atom of being and existence

On every person in creation

Concentrates on only me and only you and you

And you and you and you

This Holy Mystery who encompasses all and holds us for all time.


©Jo Kay Douai Abbey April 2013




Busy, tomorrow, yesterday, must,
Ambition, solution, target, trust,
Importance, whether, should be, later,
rules, expectations, compromise, sin…

Siesta, siesta, siesta, siest…
Sun, scorched sand,
Sea, breezed land,
Cyprus, siesta,
and a perfect simple caesar salad, with relish,
and an ice

JPR Cyprus 07/2013



“How everything adores being alive” by Mary Oliver

A friend has be considering this poem recently and asked if i had any images that might go with it… (thanks R.)

How everything adores being alive”  by Mary Oliver

if you were
a beetle,
and a soft wind

and a certain allowance of time
had summoned you
out of your wrappings,
and there you were,

so many legs
maybe even
more than one pair of eyes

and the whole world
in front of you?
And what if you had wings
and flew

into the garden,
then fell
into the up-tipped

of a white flower,
and what if you had
Being-Alive-2a sort of mouth,
a lip

to place close
to the skim
of honey
that kept offering itself –

what would you think then
of the world
as, night and day,
you were kept there –

oh happy prisoner –
sighing, humming,
that deep cup?

Poem featured in:
“Why I Wake Early” Beacon Press.




"Sheep" J. Richards 1997

A conglomerate of sheep sat drinking red wine’
debating (all be it silently) whether the path was a folly?

One recalled the night of April Fools Day, when he saw
angels in his fright that night, in the shadow of a
mountain grey and black and awesome-ly angry and grim, death & eternity flashed by in a dreamy opera of fear.

Another dreamed of an idle idyllic grassy knoll, acorn
husks and trickling waves, a gap in the wall and a
creature so small that it sparkled with smirks in a
magical glee, a dewdrop inspired place to be.

Another the oldest sheep of all, told of a tale long
and tall, of a cafe called Renoirs and stricklandgate
street, stowell Farm Sherbourne and barbecued meat, a
50th birthday and radio two, a cold chicken sandwich,
the Imperial in Crewe. A tale of people and places
that may not seem true, and answers to questions well
overdue, the reason for speech marks and why the sheep
flocked, why the idea of mint sauce should never be

The conglomerate argue and rarely agree, if the path
is a folly we will just wait and see…