“How everything adores being alive” by Mary Oliver

A friend has be considering this poem recently and asked if i had any images that might go with it… (thanks R.)

How everything adores being alive”  by Mary Oliver

if you were
a beetle,
and a soft wind

and a certain allowance of time
had summoned you
out of your wrappings,
and there you were,

so many legs
maybe even
more than one pair of eyes

and the whole world
in front of you?
And what if you had wings
and flew

into the garden,
then fell
into the up-tipped

of a white flower,
and what if you had
Being-Alive-2a sort of mouth,
a lip

to place close
to the skim
of honey
that kept offering itself –

what would you think then
of the world
as, night and day,
you were kept there –

oh happy prisoner –
sighing, humming,
that deep cup?

Poem featured in:
“Why I Wake Early” Beacon Press.


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