Reduce your reprographics costs. I’m a lumberjack

In the UK, every worker uses up the equivalent of 4.48 trees per year.

Since 1980 (-2012) global paper consumption increased by half.

Get more for your budget!

“Lovers of print are simply confusing the plate for the food”, the glorious Douglas Adams said this back in 2001. Yes, I am a lover of print but as a visual artist, I am also a lover of the content, and how it’s compiled on the page/plate. The format of what we print is important. How it’s graphically designed, AND how it’s reproduced can add value (BPIF Stats).

What I am highlighting here is that print costs to a large organisation can be significant. If we think about how our print is reproduced we could save thousands of pounds.

It may seem like common sense, but as Voltaire, pointed out ‘common sense is often rare’. In a large organisation, if we all just printed a tad more thoughtfully, we could save thousands over a year.

Let’s serve it up thoughtfully!

Ask for it in Black and White (Mono). 

Printing in colour costs 10 times that of printing in black.

If 100 colour clicks = £10, 100 mono clicks is less than £1. (plus the cost of paper etc)

Put it another way, you can print many times more in mono, as you might in colour!

Is colour on your page necessary? If you have a colour document with a mono page, copier machines can sense that and charge that page as mono, if there’s one small sentence in pink on that page it will charge 10 times as much and print the page in colour

Where possible reduce your use of colour for printing.

If you need bling, then mono print on coloured paper is still cheaper than colour print.

In short, print in mono if colour is not necessary.

Print back to back, or smaller, and half your paper costs!

If you print back to back it can use half the paper of single-sided printing.

Printing your page as A5 or A6 can reduce paper and print costs even further! Just ask for it as A5 or A6.

Reduce paper AND print costs…

Quarter your paper costs and minimise your print cost!

We can easily convert your A4 multiple paged document into an A5 stapled booklet.
If you print as an
A5 booklet, four pages become one sheet of two sides.

An A5 mono booklet could use a quarter of the paper and a twentieth of the print cost, compared to an A4 colour single-sided booklet.

In short, it’s not always possible but try and think about costs.

Where possible make it mono, and seek to use paper economically.

Word Doc

Printing your page as A5 (two per A4) or even A6 (four per sheet) can reduce paper and print costs even further! For example, print Powerpont docs as multiple slides per page where possible.

There is software that is designed to aid economical print reproduction. We recommend using this where appropriate. Think about batch printing, we can do this for you:
Save money, paper and time…

*Any prices shown are just for illustration.

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