…and heaven and nature sing…

So Christmas time approaches. Yes, every year it starts earlier, and the bling dong merrily starts in November. We did put up and decorate our tree early in December, to coincide with the annual Dance Show which A&P partake in (We just watched the DVD, v. proud of them all! Well done Q**), but to be honest I didn’t feel very Christmassy then, and perhaps rightly so… it was not Christmas time.

But yesterday, the penultimate Friday before Christmas, was Christmas Jumper Day at work with donations going to charity.  As I cycled to work I turned off the main road and the peace was palpable… it often is at this part of the journey.  Screen Shot 2019-12-14 at 18.05.58There are a few places where I turn off the main road and onto a side track or lane and the transition from the noisy busy tense maniacal traffic into an almost silent still natural tranquility is often very striking. This morning the combination of new carols from BBC Radio 3’s Carol Competition, a full moon breaking through the clouds, the subconscious fridayness of the morning, and this momentary ‘glimpse’ of peace made me think of Christmas – …I think.

As the kids (and us) get older, Christmas loses its innocence and the sharper realities of life clutter the traditional tableau. The spirit of Christmas, the light in the shadows, the harmony behind the clatter, the healing within the wounds, the possibilities… can sometimes be hard to find. Sometimes we need to find something familiar to lean on.

This year it took us ages to decide upon a Christmas card/image, we were just not feeling it. But looking back over our year we are reminded of the blessings we’ve had. Some great times together… Cornwall, Wales, Derbyshire, Northumberland, and even Devon! We’ve had a good year, at home and away – and we’re reminded we’ve been in this house for two years now. Life’s recently been good to us.

So this weekend we have made traditional meat pies – something from my Cornish childhood. I dare say I will seek out some seasonal songs and tunes. Expectations of a few days off work with my ladies are most welcome. …and heaven and nature sing!

I truly hope that we all might sense a transition from the noisy busy tense maniacal into an almost silent still natural tranquility.

We hope that a spirit of Christmas visits you this season. I wish that we all might find the odd spark, glimpse, breath… of peace daily. And we truly wish you all the best for the coming year!

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