Read it! …it’s better than chocolate!

I recently created these tasty bookmark designs for the Bookmark People – feel good without the guilt!


If you don’t do dancing or swimming then pop to the library!

“A significant association was also found between frequent library use and reported wellbeing.” So says the DCMS studyQuantifying and Valuing the Wellbeing Impacts of Culture and Sport.

It found that you’re better off visiting the library than going to the gym!

Ranking different leisure activities and their ’worth’ to the people who take part in them, it finds that going to the library is beneficially valued at £1,359/year! It finds fitness activities, such as going to the gym, are actually associated with people being unhappier than they would otherwise be!?
ReadingBetterThanChocIt lists: Value of engagement in culture and sports
(per person/per month)
Dancing £139
Swimming £136
Visit libraries frequently £113
Team sports £94
Arts and Crafts £85
Seeing Plays £83
Individual sports £69
Music Concerts £62

So, forget that chocolate bar and that sweaty gym pass and pop down to your library! Be well!

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