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The Bike needed Tender Loving £s

guard You may have noticed my tweet last week that “the bike” needed some TLC (and some TL£).

Alas the wheels (rims and hubs) that came with the  specialized crosstrail sport disc 2011 were ‘average’ quality and arguably not up to the job.

It’s been 2 years since I bought the bike. It’s done its best to combat the conditions experienced but the rear wheel – the one that takes the most pounding – gave up last week. The front forks are sprung so that takes a bit of impact out for the front wheel.

The rear wheel’s rim was cracked in 3 places where the spokes enter it and the freehub’s splines were considerably worn – an ex-wheel!
This week’s tally: an ex wheel, the car’s rear ex-tyre and an ex-washingmachine! Arggh!  All this week!

In Oct 2011 my initial foray to the suggested “cycle-route” was shocking!
In August 2012, I moved off the death ride route (normal roads) to the shared “cycle facilities”.
The bike now has to deal with a lot more grit, debris, crap, tree roots, curbs, potholes, etc. I’m learning to accept it. I now concede the new route is arguably the wiser option.
The winter obviously sees a lot more debris and wet crud. So although I survived last winter I’ve now opted for the full guard on the rear, I just had a splash guard before. This might protect the mech and chain set a tad. More dedication to cleaning is needed too! Hufff!

I am no bike expert, so I rely on people’s advice and the LBS – City Cycles Thurmo
After two years it’s now got:
A new back wheel: Mavic A119 rim and Shimano FH-M525A hub.
In the summer we had to replace the considerably worn SunTour/SRAM chain set (ring, chain and cassette); with a Shimano megarange CS HG41.

So yes, annually the £ has to be spilt somewhere, but just remember there’s no Tax, MOT and insurance and the previous ~£54 a month fuel costs are now zero.

I bought off the shelf, but on retrospect- if you’re buying a new bike, spend more than you can afford (invest) for a bike that will be used daily – in the long term, the bike is the sum of it’s parts!


As mentioned, I concede that the cycle facility route is the wiser option – I guess I’ll report again on that in due course.

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6 replies on “The Bike needed Tender Loving £s”


I agree that buying as good as possible is a good investment. It seems to me you have that right with the key part as in the frame.
Sadly bits of bikes do wear out and yes more quickly on Leicestershire cycle facilities than on the road due to a combination of bad surfaces, debris and constant start/stop riding.
Fortunately, having disc brakes does reduce the problem a fair bit as you don’t wear out the sides of the wheel rims (nor do you have to replace the pads as often), they also keep the bike cleaner.
On my Trek road bike I am on my 3rd back wheel 😦
As you say though the price per mile is still very low.

Jules, I don’t know about specific models but I have Mavic rims on some of my bikes and they have all been good (none of the failed or worn out ones have been Mavics).

I have Disc only Mavic TN317’s on my new bike as I expect to carry heavier loads than you – me for a start! 🙂

good good – the service at CC Thurmo was good. I guess I could have got cheaper on the web but would not have known what to look for and fitting would have been amateur at least it’s covered by the bike shop i pass every day now.

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