Cycle Commute – an update.

10; 30,000…

So in February 2011 I pulled an old bike from under the ‘stuff in the garage’ and did the ‘never in a month of Sundays’ ride to work.

Ten years later, this is now my 11th winter riding to work in and out of Leicester.

I now only ride 15 miles a day = ~3000 miles a year. (I used to ride 18 miles a day. My current ride’s a tad shorter than my previous employer

I tracked it in 2017, just for the record; 96 miles a week.

The route is 95% off main roads, 75% off roads, 62% separate cycleway, meaning the trip is often a 45 minute tonic before and after work. 

4; 12,000

It’s now been four years, and more than 12,000 miles since I switched to my delightful Gazelle Ultimate S8.

10; 30,000

It’s been more than ten years riding a bike to work daily. That’s more than 30,000 miles, and I’m approaching my eleventh winter, brrrrr!

2011… 2021

I started riding a bike back in 2011 – a lot’s changed since then.

2017 I moved to belt from chain etc – and you can read about it here: Gazelle Ultimate

So much has been learnt and unlearnt that I would not know where to start. Mindsets have changed since 2011 (sadly the cycle infrastructure has not!). You can see posts, from my dalliances with ‘the media’ to Bike Books here: #bike

A 2021 fuel costs update: Driving ~7.5 miles @ 7.5mpl, £1.45p/litre, costs £1.45 each way, that’s £ 14.50/week.

Just for the record, here’s the main section of my homeward commute this week. (Nov 2021)

There’s more ‘bike stuffhere if you’re interested.

In comparison here’s the autumn in 2017


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