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94% off main roads…

I knew it was a pretty good ride, but thought I’d look at the stats…


My 9-mile commute into Leicester turns out to be 62% on cycleway* separated from the road.

It’s 75% off-road (includes a few terraced backstreets). And it’s… 94% off main roads!

*Admittedly the separated cycleway is significantly in a poor state of repair. (See Melton Road for starters) If it was a ‘road’ I’m sure it would be a priority for maintenance. I applaud the fact that there is this option of a route away from motor vehicles but with a view to the future and increasing its use, it needs serious attention. In some places, it’s surface is not ideal for purpose, and the decision to mix with vehicles has to be considered. In some places it’s dangerous and it remains to be seen if it’s kept safe for use in winter.

But for now, having the option to ride without motor vehicles is great, and I hesitate to say I recommend it.
Remember motor vehicles have bumpers, fenders, airbags and safety cages etc for a reason. People riding bikes can’t be straightened out so easily.


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