Novel Concertina Notelets

Do you have info for students to revise or remember?

About 900 words will fit nicely onto this notelet at 10pt typesize. About 750 words at 12pt. This prints 4 up on A3 paper, or you can print it smaller to 4 up A4.

Tuck ‘em in your pocket!  Effective economical novel print.

It’s just a thing I put together in lockdown, feel free to download, adapt and share.

Notelets printed – 4 on an A3 sheet,

You can print this on an A3 or A4 paper you’ll achieve four notelets per print.

Here’s a Word, yes!… a Microsoft Word.Document.

Yes, this sort of thing should be done using Indesign, Illustrator, or Publisher etc. but the majority of home/office users don’t have this software. So here’s a template in Microsoft Word.

Ick!… Word not nice.

But Yea!… anyone can use it!

The template is set at A3 and includes two pages. Start on page one and the text boxes flow through to the end. The last text box is not linked and becomes the cover of your notelet.

Simply paste your text in, edit and adapt it. Then copy and paste the content in the another three rows.

Happy daze.

Once printed, at A3 or A4 double-sided , simply guillotine the stack into four.

I guess you could just print the first page – ~450 words.

Students can fold their notelet themselves!

Notelets printed 4 on an A3 sheet.

If you print on A4 paper, you may want to increase the type size 2 points – but you’ll then get mini-notelets.

Smaller Notelets printed 4 on an A4 sheet.

When you start playing with MS Word then you really must be in some form of lockdown mode! 🙂

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