Airless tyres – an update…

So an update on the post in January: ‘Airless Tyres

Back in Feb 2011 I said ‘Never in a month of Sundays…’ but now on 2020, it’s my 10th year ‘commuting by bike’, or rather simply riding a bike to and from work daily.

You can read about it here: Think again? – Feb 2011 – ‘Never in a month of Sundays…’

OK this year, 2020, it’s been a tad different for all of us – not much commuting from April through August #Leicester #lockdown.

But onward the bike’s still seen >1200 miles to date this year.

Airless Tyres

In January’s ‘Airless Tyres‘ post, I reported on my move to a Tannus Airless 40mm tyre on the rear wheel.

I kept the ‘puncture-resistant’ 35mm Marathon Plus tyres on the front, but in March the Local Bike Shop fitted Tannus Armour under the Marathon Tyre.

Thankfully there’s still a few LBS around as you’ll need the tyres fitted properly. I use the bike daily for work in all weathers and I was looking to reduce the worry of potential punctures and tyre pressure maintenance etc.  It’s just a commute; I am not trying to break records or burn off the beer; I ride in a relatively relaxed manner and have found ‘the ride’ with these Tannus adaptions great.

Alas, the surface conditions the commute deals with are still significant. So after 1200 miles here’s the wear:



Initially it was a firm (as good traditional tyres), I did not notice any difference in 35mm pumped, and 40mm airless.

After 1200 miles of wear the ride is still good, but the airless tyres are noticeable as you can see above. They now feel softer and have flattened – but, for my needs, the ride is still good. We’ll see what another 1000 miles does. Tannus say they are good for 5000 miles! But I fear they are not familiar with Leicester’s ‘bike routes‘.

The front wheel’s Tannus Armour under Marathon Plus tyres are much less of a concern, and perhaps the combo of  Marathon’s 5mm thick puncture guard PLUS Armour’s 15mm foam protection to the centre (and 2mm to the sidewall), is ultimate winner? Do I go for this on the back…?

They are not for everyone, but for now I am enjoying the puncture free worries.

There’s an ‘airless’ commercial review here and a more personal review here if you’re interested.


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