Printing: insert a coloured sheet into certain positions of a multiple-page document.

OK, unless you print using a PCL driver for a Konica Minolta Biz Hub Pro 1100 or similar (geeky moment), this will mean nothing. But, for those that might…

Occasionally you need to do something that you have not needed to do before… like, print a 6000-page document and separate it into units of 30.

So, to do the above, we want to insert a blank coloured sheet into page position 30, 60, 90, 120, 150 etc of a multiple-page (150+) document.

Here’s how:

  • Under the Cover Mode tab, select ‘Per Page Setting’, and ‘Edit List 1
  • Add’ a detail between Body1 and Body-End
  • Edit the page numbers such as 30,60,90,120 etc
  • Click the ‘Print Type’ and Change Settings [Insert Blank Sheet]
  • Click the ‘Paper Tray’ and Change Settings eg [Post Inserter Tray1]
  • Click the ‘Paper Size’ and Change Settings [A4]

 And that should do it!  Little things please little minds.

By julesprichards

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