Splitting a PDF landscape spread into two portrait pages

Splitting a PDF landscape single double-page spread into two portrait pages??

OK this is dull and not relevant unless it’s relevant, but it’s a solution to a problem that once explained is easy; I should have sorted it way before I did!

single double-page spreads

Every now and then I’m sent a PDF for folded booklet printing, that has been created as single page double-page spreads.

This is no good if a printed folded “booklet” is required. It’s been created for viewing on-screen, not imposed for print production. There is no automatic way to print this as a folded booklet as the page/s need to be chopped in half.

There is a relatively easy workaround solution, which involves digitally cropping the pages. 

  1. Create a duplicate of the PDF file.
  2. Open the original file in Acrobat Pro.
  3. Insert the duplicate file at the end: Right-click “Insert,” select “from file”. Select the duplicate file, insert “after”.
  4. Place/move the pages that need cropping into their correct orders, such that you have two in a row for each page (1,1, 2, 2, 3, 3,…)
  5. Select a page to crop and right-click the thumbnail “Crop pages”
  6. On the first page to be cropped, select the left-hand side of the image, by making the right margin half the width. 148mm for half 297mm (Show the ‘Crop Box’)
  7. Set page range for the pages you want to crop, “Apply to” to the “even pages”
  8. Go to the next page to be cropped. This time select the right-hand side of the page, by making the left margin half the width. 
  9. Set page range to “All,” and “apply to” to “odd pages”

This leaves you with single paged PDF that can be printed as a stitched folded booklet if you have a booklet printer/finisher.

Single double-paged spreads to single pages.
Single double-paged spreads to single pages.

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