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A bike’s for life, not just for Christmas…

And so with a Christmas break coming up – I had it in mind to put the bike in for a good rub-down and refurb.

As the Starwars droid said “Thank the maker! This oil bath is going to feel so good…” C-3PO, A New Hope

It’s well overdue, the bike sees 18 miles a day of varying city-cycleway; on & off kerbs; over potholes; through grit, glass and other variable detritus – it takes a good deal of flack! Especially at this time of year. I will not get into the politics of Leicester Council’s celebrated soundbites about cycling but lack of commitment and support for everyday bike riding and solid quality planning. This is my 5th winter. I am now doing 360 miles a month.

spokeAlas, a forced pit stop came a few days early due to:
(i) the Council’s neglect to keep the cycle/footway in good condition and appropriately lit
(ii) me not seeing the rabid branch!

On my way back from work, 300 yards from the LBS, a fallen branch in my path went straight through the rear derailleur, ripping off the hanger and pulling spokes from the rim of the wheel! I wish I had taken a picture of the rear mech!
A short roll to the LBS – and Carl and the lads at Thurmo City Cycles took the bike in for some TLC.
I had planned for new break pads, and disc rotors – the rotors were paper thin, the only original item left on the 5-year-old Specialized Specialized Crosstrail Sport Disc 2011. I had planned for a tune up and a clean. But due to the branch I had to add a new rear mechanism, hanger, and wheel! Hey ho, still cheaper than a car’s MOT and service!

City Cycles Thurmo did a great job again- the bike’s now solid as a rock – like a new bike, a joy to ride.


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