And so this is Christmas… (2016)

Last Christmas I wittered about angels, the year before I also pondered ‘angels’…  Not that I have a thing about angels at all, but… well it’s a Christmas thing, so here we go again…

Over the years our kids have ‘done’ a song for Christmas, but as they get older and more influenced by culture around them, agreeing on a more wholesome song to share is proving more difficult.  Initially, I baulked at Mariah’s linesAll I want for Christmas is you…; another shallow, me, me, me, me, me, me, pop lyric… but, perhaps not?  

After what for us has been a very tough year, finding myself up a dark creek without promised paddle and dues, I have been reduced to looking at the essence of what we have and need.

GB40PeopleGood ‘people’ being an essential part of the mix of what keeps us ticking – people, and the spirit of being aware that we’re part of a common community – inside everyone is a heart that beats and from everyone comes a breath… Pause, Breathe, Relax, Smile… Breathe deep my friend, feel it… you are alive.

For the people walking through darkness came great amazing, wondrous, remarkable… light…

No, I don’t believe in shiny celestial beings any more than I am convinced that there’s a Father or Mother Christmas upstairs that loves us all. But, I do believe there are angels (people of good conduct or virtue) in our world. Just as there are and will always be many many pernicious people who behave deceptively, there are regular people who are open to others and breath life into our world. Just as the fearful, prejudiced, arrogant, influencers smother their victims, there will always be common angels, breathing life and spirit that empowers and overcomes great fear, hurt and loss.   

Celebrating others, and the fact that love is with us (Immanuel) is part of Christmas.

“All we want for Christmas is you…”  What would our world be like without you?
Without many of you, life would not be as rich and as vibrant as it is.
Although we breathe and have a beating heart, our world would be much darker without you.
And so, all we want for Christmas and for 2017 is you… the real you… the you that laughs, aches, smiles, and cries.
The real you that might Pause, Breathe, Relax, Smile… 

Who are you?


By julesprichards

Anchoring in the shire, with family, friends, coffee and cheese… always looking…