Harmony, both close and global…


A little update on the choir that I sing with. They’re a fine bunch of folk!

This year will be my 8th Christmas concert with Global Harmony in Melton.

The Christmas concert in St Mary’s Melton is always a treat for the senses and we hope this year will be similarly so. Visit the GH website to find out more!

ghchristmas2016a4Global Harmony is a mixed a cappella World Music Choir based in Melton Mowbray, UK. We’re are enthusiastically led by Musical Director MD Liz

It’s Community Choir, a friendly and informal group who have fun singing a wide range of unaccompanied harmony songs from all over the world. We enjoy rhythms from Africa, stirring Eastern European harmonies, songs from the Southern Seas and the Americas, soulful gospel and blues to name but a few – as well as traditional folk and rock and pop from our own culture.

Close Harmony

In addition to this, the choir has a small extra group called Close Harmony.

Close Harmony is a singing group are made up of a dozen singers from the main choir again led by the ever-encouraging MD Liz.

You can see some clips of Close Harmony here:

The main choir can be found here:

And a few recordings can be found here:

There are a few of my other posts here:









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