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Complaint Restraint

WoodwardssGripeWater#complaintrestraint a great idea…

Oh we all do it, and it’s annoying, why… Oh why?…

…there I go again, griping again! Oh, the taste #memories, did u have it as a baby? I digress…

Griping… Complaining…

The more we focus on at something that might annoy, offend or injure* us, we will naturally be more sensitive and more guarded against it.
When we’re in a corner or even if we’re ‘heading out on the road’ we are ready for the negative, we’ll defend ourselves – naturally.
When in a group or community we are often united by common dislikes (prejudice).

Our brains release stress hormones when we’re being negative, this affects our neural connections especially in areas used for problem solving and other cognitive functions.  This also happens when we experiencing another person complaining: passive complaining is as bad a passive smoking.  Hot head, cool head… which one prevails?

Yes we do need to let off steam occasionally but there’s a time and a place and a effective way to do this – easier said than done I know – take my word for it I know (*ask any ‘person who rides a bike’ it’s easier said than done).

anotherpathNearly everything we do we do habitually, and habits (thoughts as well as actions) are hard to change. But creating a more positive vibe by changing negativity is a good, healthy and creative idea.

OK, an observation is not a complaint: “It’s hot in here”.
“I hate the heat in here” is a complaint. Change starts with awareness of what we are thinking and doing.

After thinking negatively add a “but”
and change “I have to” to “I can”…

“It’s hot, I hate the heat in here, but I can go and get a drink”
“It’s hot, I have to I can work in this office, I have to I can sort out heating/window, I have to I can go get a drink…”

First with the head, then with the heart.

Focusing on the positive, over time, can become a habit.

The seemingly natural negative can become the powerful positive.

It’s not easy, and takes time.  Like chipping the edges of a block of stone to carve a sculpture. Or perhaps even cutting a rough diamond. Or even making a cake, a sandwich, coffee, cheese and biscuits… …I digress again. #happydaze


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