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Riding a bike…

Bike0215Just a post about the bike – again. It really is a true blessing…

OK, as you know the bike takes a pounding from bad road surface and infrastructure, and used daily it picks up loads of grime what wears away at the chain cogs if not cleaned regularly. It IS NOT cleaned regularly enough – I have a life to live. And so after two and half years the chain-set & cassette are very worn! I have been hobbling along for a few months until the jumping chain became unbearable. TL£ required.

The cost of a full-service and replacement chain-set is nothing compared to the running costs of a car and it’s a pleasure to spend money on something that you appreciate daily; if you ride for long enough, you begin to feel the bike, it becomes part of you!

Carl and the lads at Thurmo City Cycles have done a great job again. Today’s commute was utter joy! The bike’s solid as a rock!  The addition of a riser lifting the handle bars 2 inches is fantastic.  I think it’s yet another stage in the move to a chilled out ride. I am not a cyclist with ambitions of speed and record breaking PBs. I simple use a bike to get from A to B.

I took the car…

While the parts came and the bike was in repair I took the car into work! Oh yes I did!  On the Friday it too 1 hour and 30 minutes to travel the 7.5 miles into Leicester. On Monday it took 1 hour to travel the same distance out of Leicester.  It was simply laughably ridiculous! The rush hour traffic in Leicester City is just sad.  My commute on my bike always takes between 30 and 40 minutes, this usually depends on wind conditions.

Riding a bike:

  • You will save money.
  • You will get fitter and be healthier.
  • Over time you will start to see the world differently.



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