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10,000 miles on – Looking for a bike, for Life?

My Bike…

You’ll know that up until now, for the last 3 years, I have ridden my bike to work daily. Through sizzling summers and icy winters I have ridden about 3000 miles a year, this was not something I intended when I started cycling once a week. But it’s infectious!

Three years ago, I bought an average hybrid bike – I spent what I could afford, and it’s been great.  However, in retrospect I would possibly have paid more knowing what I know now.

It would seem that possibly bikes “off the shelf” in this country are not expected to be ridden daily through hell and high-water. “Hell and high-water” is what you often find on current cycle/road infrastructures in the UK. For the record, I am “someone who rides a bike”, not “a cyclist”. I ride to get to places, not to see how quickly I can go further.

For starters; If you intend to use your bike regularly through all seasons, you’ll need to ask for proper mudguards, it’s unlikely to come with them. You will need a proper bell – if there’s one on the bike it’s likely to be a ‘ping’ not a BELL! You might want to think about a chain guard, panniers, lights… etc. – you will need them if you’re not just aiming to ride on a sunny day. The wheel rims will need to cope with potholes and curbs. The tyres will need to cope with bullets!

Over the last three years, my bike has had everything on it replaced except the frame and the front forks and the hydraulic disc brakes. You can see some of this here: My bike’s history.

If you are interested in buying a bike to use regularly, that will be practical and will last the test if time, you might want to check out “A Bike for Life”


A Bike for Life by Dave Warnock

A friend of mine has written and discussed “bike” issues for years now and is writing a book:

Cycling trends, maintenance, manufacturing, lifestyle, safety, attitudes, infrastructure…
From saddles to shoes, fixies to trikes, Dave’s been there..

His book  “A Bike for Life” discusses Dave’s  “dream to create a bike to transform life. How your choices can help you embrace and celebrate life, not just for you but for others to.”


Check it out – Who knows where you’ll end up!


Incidentally, I artworked and shot the image the front cover: of which i am pleased.

Dave Warnock’s “Bike for life”

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