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Rolling rolling rolling – cycling pilgrimage

OK we’re not skipping up Kilimanjaro or back-stroking the Amazon but spending 3 days with a bunch of Methodists is a feat worth support surely!

WeselyCyclistWe aim to be rolling 165 miles over a three daze at the end of May…

It’s a cycling Pilgrimage from Leicester to the Epworth Old Rectory

Syston Methodist Church is working, alongside others, for transformed lives & community in Syston. This Pilgrimage is to raise money to turn part of the buildings into a Community Hub, the first goal for the Community Hub is to be used as a Youth Cafe. SMC have some grants and are looking for more. However, they are still short of quite a few thousand pounds. Every donation will take it closer to their goal of providing a fantastic new resource for our community. 50% of all the money raised on this Pilgrimage will be given to Epworth Old Rectory to support their exciting Welcome Home Development Project. The need in Syston for youth facilities is huge as there is a complete lack of places for young people in the evenings.

Latest Details here!

Can you spare a £1? or 2?
Remember to gift aid it if u can cos that’s another 25% on top!

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

Methodism and the Cornish Tin Miner
For those with an interested in Cornwall and Methodism check this post: a-method-in-the-madness
A pamphlet produced in 1960 details how at a certain point in history, the church and its activities had a great effect… (?)
Even if you have no spiritual life/faith, Christian ideas have always given practical advice about how to handle failure, dejection and loss… etc.
It may be no accident that the huge increase in the incidence of common mental health issues seems to coincide with the decline of religion in the West and the loss of a whole tradition experienced in dealing with, if not answering, life’s unanswerable questions. There might be extreme misdirection but there might be also valuable insights offered by Christian teaching if you can fend off the theological language and hoopla in which it’s dressed.

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