Three discoveries – buzz, buzz, buzz…

Don’t you love it when you discover something new and it gives you a buzz!?

My first BBC R3’s Late Junction discover was a few years ago now when I heard a track from Bugge Wesseltoft and have followed his stuff ever since. I just love LJ as it features all sorts of stuff from electro-pop to throat-music and more. Love it.

Over the last few weeks with the help of LJ and a little SpotifyI’ve discovered three new artists that I feel I should share.

Agnes Obel: ‘Riverside’ and the album ‘Philharmonics’

This music just caught my ear as different – her simple melodies and use of the piano are new to me. (Rather like Bugge’s simple piano did when I first heard snowing…)

Robag Wruhme: ‘Ende’ and the album ‘Thora Vukk’  (I love it love it love it)

From the first moment I heard Ende my ears pricked up (rather like my discovery of Bugge) – and I just love this specific track, I find it so beautiful.

And LBNL, Lady Maiserydebut album ‘Weave and Spin’

Something special I think! Lady Maisery is a multi-talented folky vocal trio, where the three become so much more than the sum of their parts!?

Let me know what Uoo think?


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