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WokWhen I was a student I fondly recall using a steel wok in my culinary experiments.

Then, since I pretended to ‘grow up’, we’ve always had a new fangled non-stick wok.

The non-stick’s never lasted… they always eventually scratched, and the coating came off and generally they were not as robust.  After going through 3 non-stick woks, while always pondering “should we have a steel one?”, we eventually plumped for a basic steel wok.  It was the poor relation on the shelf, hidden below the “super”, “new-improved”, “superb”,  must have’s that shouted “create oriental heaven” at you.

After a few months, we concur that it was the right decision! OK you need to give it an initial seasoning but, no more worries about scratching the poor thing. After the cooking’s done just scrub the thing clean and re-oil for next use.

I’ll never by a non-stick again!


One more thing I don’t understand why the sell woks without lids!? You need a wok lid!

Beef and mushy’s seared: and stew the slow cooker all day! Emma’s slow-cooked stew is divine!

Em’s Stew: (slow cooker from Asda last year £8! bar-gain?)

Seared cubed beef (or summint)

Mushrooms, onions, sweet potatoes, carrots, and things… We don’t put spuds in, we have them as a side, roasted or summint. *I don’t like soggy potato.

Garlic, herbs of choice (we like to include oregano and chilli)…

Stock cube, Red Wine, and whatever u want to experiment with… balsamic, Worcestershire sauce, beer, etc etc

Chompus Maximus!

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Interesting Jules; both the recipe and your opinion on Woks. Passed it to Doreen. You should write articles for the press.



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