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I recently produced a logo and graphics to publicise a new Counselling Service that starts in early November.


I know from personal experience that at certain times in their lives people sometimes really need to “talk things through”.

People might be suffering with relationship problems, bereavement, money worries, redundancy or anything else.
The reasons can vary from obvious concerns to underlying issues that might not readily seem relevant.
Often we find it hard to turn to someone we are close to, and would prefer to speak to someone who is impartial. Or perhaps we don’t want to talk to anyone, because “I’m alright there’s nothing wrong, bark! bark!”.

In my case, it took months for me to realise (be told) that there was something I seriously needed to face up to.
I urge anyone struggling with ‘stuff’ in any way, to talk to someone impartial!  It might just clear the air, or it might be the a big small first step towards viewing life in a new way, or repackage things and seeing things from a different perspective.
For me it was not a conscious logical process and I can’t explain it – it was a deeper stirring and repositioning of long-held notions and instincts.  My period of transition (which is an ongoing thing) was not without ‘incident’ – as you might expect when you stir up sediment. But the first steps of “talking it through” led me towards quite an amazing, albeit sometimes still bewildering, world.

Safe Space Counselling is a new counselling service operating out of Birstall and Syston Methodist Churches.

It will be a place where people can make an appointment to see a trained counsellor and talk in a place that is safe, secure and completely confidential.  The counsellors are trained to listen and support the clients to work through their problem or anxiety. The service will open in early November. Appointments can be made by contacting 07938 779 477 or send an email to   There will be a website to view the services available from mid November at

Download Flyer PDF Safe Space A5     Download Details PDF SafeSpaceA4

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