Surprised… Saved 27%

After returning from a week away and needing to restock the cabin, we ventured PAST the glossy shiny T. supramarket to the lowsheen German store further up the road.
We thought ‘let’s just see how much a random shop might compare’ to the one-that-shall-be-obeyed supreme-store that so often controls our budget.
We were surprised!

20120826-133229.jpgOk we are not receiving our points for cheap holidays etc but just this random everyday shop saved us comparatively £8…
We expected a slight saving but not 27%!
We compared like for like on the Big T’s online store including ‘two for one’ offers etc.
Even the basics we thought would match but some were considerably less.
For example; K’s Cornflakes 2.48 v 3.29, Milk 1.48 v 1.74, Rice 1.29 v 1.57.
You can see the comparative price from T. jotted on the receipt above.
Ok we could buy everything from the ‘T.Value’ range but… well we don’t, at present.
Ok, someone will probably tell me it’s not ethical or something, that I should not buy branded products anyway, I should support the local farmers market… or even should not be shopping on ‘the Lord’s day’… but this is not about those arguments. I have kids to feed and need to take things one week at a time and watch every penny.
A simple random essentials shop has shown that every little bit helps! You just have to put up with the long queue and the grumpy assistant, but then again T has its fair share of irritations.
So £8… saved and I have not even mentioned their gorgeous low-cost good-quality sausages!

Take Two:
Aldi £26.87 Tesco £33.62, saving £6.75. 20%


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