Busy weekend ahead so some thoughts over lunch… just for the sake of it…
Yesterday got drenched cycling on way home, surprisingly very enjoyable but also very wet.
Reading “Wreckers” by Bella Bathurst, for those of u that know me, there’s seafarer in my previous lives somewhere.
BB also wrote “The Bicycle Book” which is a great read if you’re interested in the subcultures of cycling!
Watched “127 hours” last nite, a great true story of attempting to survive against nature and our brains response to ‘stuff’. Great filmic devices!
Have to mention again… radio 3’s “late junction” programme, eclectic from allover and inbeteeen! Check it out in iPlayer! Stick with it, if a track comes on that’s a bit weired for u the next is likely to be polemically different. Love it.
Finally, shuffle! Do it! Sometimes what comes up juxtaposed with it’s neighbours, married with what you see (cycling) is just sweet. To the old man with the owl-like eyes and the plastic bags of importance as he waited for his bus and life passing him by, and the dude beside him, hooded and tuned in to a private podworld of sound, chewing his angst and ready to punch his next criticism… have a good day.

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