It may be cold…

It may be cold but, ‘get in there’! It has to be done…
A week after our islandic ‘week off’ (plus a few days enhanced by paracetamol based products etc) and perhaps we’re back to as near to normality as one might expect.
Back cycling to work etc, and mulling over whirling thoughts generated by recent reading… ‘circular perspectives’ as opposed to linear… interesting and somewhat enlightening.
Saturday produced one quiche, 25 sausage rolls, an assortment of cheese & onion straws, and a lemon drizzle cake… nice!
Sunday saw the oldest offspring cycling without stabilisers – v chuffed just taken to it!
(i) Trying to maintain a sense of the salty sea that warmed the cockles last week.
(ii) Trying to maintain a sense of N&P that warmed the cockles for 40 odd years.
(iii) Trying to maintain a sense of peace that is just underneath that noisy old world out there. The sun is always shining, it’s just occasionally clouds and ‘stuff’ are in the way. It’s shining now!
Today’s ride saw busy harvesting in the fields, a hare having the time of it’s life, gold and a greenfinches but I like to think the latter was a Siskin! – flew with me for 20 seconds through rural Leics. And a pint at the end, courtesy of the father-in-law. Cheers.
Thought – “Why let the facts get in the way of a good story”! (Who said that first?)

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