Advent… what are you waiting for?

OK we all do the calendar thing – well those with kids in the house probably do.

But what can ‘Advent’ do for us?  …and I don’t mean the Religious, candley, purpley rituals – although they have their uses. 

Waiting at the lights, waiting in line in Alidil, waiting…    I have to admit it, I am working on it but, I am not very good at really waiting… finding extra patience and tolerance… and over the coming month it’s likely that we’ll be waiting in a Christmas-infested queue, a seasonally longer queue at the pumps or tills, or just waiting for it all to be over!


The period Advent is about waiting… from Latin adventus, arrival. Waiting for the arrival of something…
Entertaining the experience of waiting for something. Finding a chance to slow, stop, and consider our place, can be a gift!  Stop all the clocks…

Perhaps we might use the experience of waiting this December as an Advent reminder.
Back in the day, the Jews were waiting for a Messiah.

What are you waiting for?

PS: Have you eaten all of the chocolates behind the doors?   …and it’s not started yet!!