Cornish Woodlands…

We took some ‘time out’ recently (what with the wheels wobbling and such), to reconnect with what ‘matter’s

The substance/s of which any physical object is composed – of what we are made.
A situation, state, affair, or business: a trivial matter.
Something of consequencematter for serious thought.

Matter is the ‘everything’ around you. Atoms and molecules are all composed of matter; anything that has mass and takes up space.
In Middle English mater, and Old Frenchmat materie and Latin māteria: woody part of a tree, material, substance, derivative of māter: mother


And so a ‘walk in the woods’, as prescribed by the ever friendsome Brian Draper.

Brian reminds us of Caroline Leaf‘s ideas; that we’re wired for growth, but alas toxicity around us can hinder, mutate love into a right tangled mess.

Taking every thought captive …
Looking for green shoots …
Whatever praiseworthy … and whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, pure, admirable … excellent …
Think about such things… plant those thoughts, and ‘do‘ …

Life, in all its fullness, can be found in the essence, the heart, the roots of the minutiae.

The big picture might seem tangled and rife with confusion, hewn with a dearth of purpose – the reality is that one is breathing, one can feel, one can smile and one can grow. Simple interaction … fecundity.

You and I can, with a little help from our friends, ‘do’!

Incidentally: Photos from our walks on the banks of the River Cober and the River Fal in Cornwall.

Heart and Soul

Heart and soul…

What you feel when the doorbell rings…
What you do when you see a child run into the road…
What you think when you see a tenner lying on the pavement…

What do you do when you see a person fall?
What makes your mouth curve and your cheeks rise?
What makes your eyes water and your chest tight?

What do you feel when you are reminded of what you forgot?
This is your essence, your heart, your soul…
Your innermost feeling, your gut reaction…

Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also…
Here you might find your soul?

It’s not the thing, person or issue that makes you smile, cry, dance, sing, eat, shout, help or lash out, it’s you reacting, it’s you being live; your heart, your essence, your soul…

Our essence, our soul, our heart is coloured by what we take in.
What we eat, listen to, read, love, hold on to, treasure…

We can choose to be-live to our heart, soul… or perhaps we’ll just pretend.



Digital distractions…

20130403-214846.jpgPrompted by Em’s drastic ‘deactivation’ of her Fa(r)cebook account;

I again wonder what are we doing… “Amusing ourselves to death” (as Neil Postman wrote).

When I asked, where have our souls gone? a friend recently commented that “we’ve concreted over them”…

The word/idea “soul” is probably an adaptation of an early translation of Greek ψυχή psychē “life, spirit, consciousness”.
Arguably, our essential life, our essential spirit, is not found in the digital sphere.
The digital sphere is a fabulous but insubstantial temporal window onto a rich vibrant world “out there”.

The word concrete comes from the Latin word “concretus” meaning compact or condensed. This is to a certain extent what our digital postings do.
They condense our thoughts and feelings in to compact forms. The conglomerations of these forms build strong and often overwhelming but gratuitous structures of intrigue and wonder.

The usage of concrete, world wide, is twice as much as steel, wood, plastics, and aluminium combined. Concrete’s use in the modern world is only exceeded by the usage of naturally occurring water.

Ah… Off for a glass of water!