Traffic – what would you do?

After being eloquently reprimanded by a kind and gentle-person, I review my attitude and from henceforth, I aim to:
…always employ due-care and attention.
…stop behind vehicles when there is not room to pass.

…only pass cars when it is clear and legal to do so.
…stop appropriately behind red-lights etc.

When in a queue of traffic, I previously have either continued in the left-hand side if traffic, or if it’s not free and overtaking is an option I have overtaken the stationary/slow traffic.  I am cautious, observant and have lights front and rear at all times.  Sitting in the fumes of stationary traffic on a bicycle or riding on the pavement is not an option. Whenever there is cycle path provision I use it.
I feel I am doing the best thing given the circumstances.

i. Should a cyclist sit in the queue of traffic?

ii.  Should a cyclist, with caution, ride up left hand side of the traffic if there’s room?

iii. Should a cyclist, with caution, right up right hand side of the traffic if there’s room?

iv. Should a cyclist, with caution, ride on the pavement?

Catherine Street – Busy Commute:

Catherine Street – Frosty commute:

I’m not a Grawniad reader but can I draw your attention to this article:

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