Half of the choir {Global Harmony} had a delightful evening overlooking Rutland Water on Friday night.

We sang a dozen songs in a splendid garden in Manton, at then culmination of a safari supper.

Here’s just a snippet: 3 Songs from Africa – (it’s a poor recording on a mobile-phone but better than nowt)

Senzenina (starts 1min 22secs in) is a favourite of mine – (with me on the call and the choir doing an elevating job of swelling the melody ) – I love this song.

It featured in the mediocre film ‘The Power of One’, as part of an excellent sound track. The film is an adaption of IMHO a great 1989 novel of the same name by Bryce Courtenay . This book is on my personal top ten of influential novels.

Interestingly the lyrics of this version of  Senzenina translate to: What have we done? Our sin is… What have we done?

My sentiments exactly.


and another…


May 2013

A respite where we might suspend disbelief in sunny weather – May 2013.


Global Harmony & the Rutland Ospreys

Time flies! …as do ospreys! A few weeks ago now we (Global Harmony) had a fantastic evening with the Rutland Osprey Team at the concert A Musical Migration and here’s 2 clips from the evening. #keepsinging

A song from France (The ospreys fly over France) an arrangement of a French song “Tourdion”

And if you’re on facebook here’s another clip:  “Calon Lan” (from Wales of course)

Form more info on the Rutland Water ospreys (now with eggs!!) check out their website:

Also here’s some recent clips from “Close Harmony” –  a small group from the main Global Harmony choir.