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Ohhhh (oh oh oh it’s magic*)

In the immortal words of Howard from the Great British Bake Off “oooooo it’s really annoyin’!”

The BBC’s Winterwatch last night was twittering about Cultural Transmission  and stuff and how animals learn stuff and copy etc. Before you know it we’re all wearing jeans, shopping at Tesco and eating crisps. Heaven forbid.

Yesterday I commented that: “There are a lot of cyclists out there that need to take a second look at the way they cycle, and there a lot of drivers out there that need to take a second look at the way they drive…” – myself included!

I’m reminded that “there’s no manifestation in another, which is not also in ourselves, no act or attitude in another, which is not also found in us…” (Simon Parke One-Min.Med.)

Publicly and personally, it’s a daily task to be aware of who we are sharing our world and space with. There will always be people we disagree with and we will always have issues with certain things we encounter.  But in public, common sense and the rules (or the law) are there to maintain a level playing field.

When playing sport if you disregarding the rules you are penalised for good reason. If you disagree with the rules, so be it, it might be a valid point, and there are ways of negotiating this.

I’m on the PHONE!

“Teach the children well…”, not as I say but as I do…

I think blatant or overt disregard of the rules is not helpful.

But hey what do I know?  “Each to his own”, “we need to accommodate everyone”, “they do it differently”, “multi-cultcha and all that”, “it doesn’t apply to me”, “horses for courses”, “what hole?”, “I know a better way”, “Look kids!”

I recently counted:

– Numerous drivers disregarding the law – speeding, dangerous and seemingly ignore-ant drivers.
– Ten people cycling at night with no lights, and obviously no protective or visibility wear?
– A few cyclists not even cycling dangerous weaving on and off the road.
– One crazy coot cycling without any of the above and on a mobile phone?
– Two cyclists seemingly ignoring the road markings?

Some days I wonder why bother to consider who we are sharing our world and space with? eh?

Cultural transmission… oh lordy… save us.

Van in the box – but hey who cares!

Woman on a bike no lights – I’M ON THE PHONE!!

Ignore the box – he did so I’m gonna too…


*Oh, ho, ho It’s magic, you know Never believe it’s not so It’s magic, you know