Educational printables

Over the years, I have created a lot of educational tools, initially in the form of the handy bookmark.

But, there’s still a place for the poster on the wall, the reference in the hand, and the printed resource.

“…print is superior, particularly for learning…”

So I thought I’d share some more of the work I’ve produced before here. 

Matters and Measures A4 PDF for printing
Initially created to help with my kids homework – download the A4 sheet here

Multiplication Grid A4 for printing
and a handy ‘Multiplication Grid’ resource –  Two on an A4 sheet here, or Six on an A4 sheet here – print on card and laminate?

Fractions and Percentages
Find out more about and download a printable A4 PDF of the Fractions bookmarks here.

Simply here for you if you want it. Just say thanks if you find it useful, or send a message if you want something developed.


Printable bunting for the classroom.

I’m occasionally asked for bunting for the classroom…

So I’ve put together some customisable printable bunting. You can download from here, a Microsoft Publisher template (and/or a PDF) of these colourful bunting flags.

It prints three letters on an A4 sheet – I suggest using card.

You can print the full alphabet from the PDF, and use what’s needed, or…

Or, edit the letters in the .pub document to tailor a bespoke sentence.

Happy Daze.

If you need help – just ask.