Pasties from the homeland.

A Cornishman cannot survive on bread alone. An occasional supply of pasties from Kernow is needed to keep him sane.
OK ideally we make ‘um ourselves but even the Cornish buy ‘um from shops. Most buy tiddy oggies weekly.
I used to get batches sent up from in Penzance and to be honest I enjoyed them but for some reason we stopped getting them.
Last year we started getting a supply from – Philps in Hayley is the pasty of choice for many a West-Cornishman or indeed Cornish Maid.
We have now been introduced to in Scorrier. OK ‘prima’ sounds like a cheap end of any market and does not ring of anything Cornish, but a closer look and all seems relatively ‘proper’.
Pleasantly surprised!

Philps’ pasty on the left, Prima on the right.

With some of each in the freezer it was time for a direct comparison.
Ok it’s a subjective opinion but I do like a peppery pasty and Prima has a nice peppery buzz. Philps’ rarely have enough pepper.
(I like the pepper in the pasties from ‘Cornish Oven’ in Camborne)
The pastry on both is nice; Philps’ seems less flaky than Prima. Prima’s slightly more glazed than Philps’.
My one gripe I do have with the Hayle pasties is the meat is rarely spread evenly. It’s often in a clump, meaning you often end up eating a veggie pasty half way through. You can see this above.

Both are ansom but I have to say the new kids on the block are producing a fine pasty.
Additional comment: 20th April
After a visit this week to Philps’ of Hayle, (350 miles is a long way to go) it seems my pastys by post experience above is not replicated by hot-from-the-shop pastys from their quayside bakery! Just the right amount of seasoning! AND meat spread evenly over the pasty! Bleady ansom! Well done – Philps!


Don’t tell ma Cornish Cousins…

Carrot and mushrooms?! I’ll be struck off!!To be honest we usually put Mushrooms in but our oggies but this time we also were short of turnip (or swede to you english) and so carrot it had to be! (carrot with a tad cardamom cumin & honey). Yup, I might as well be Devonian, the relies will not speak t’me for years! It’s bad enough that I live in England!Anyway…
Beef skirt, Teddies, Onions, Carrot!? (would ideally be Turnip), Mushrooms…
Pastry… you choose, should be short crust but them in Redruth do it different to them in Camborne…
Stick it in with a liberal mix of salt and pepper. Egg the seam.
Crimp the ‘ugger! 
Ready for the range!
Happy days! …tomorrow!